When a man penetrates a woman three ways; orally, vaginally and anally.
Kobe Bryant wouldn't have been in trouble Colorado, but he got greedy by trying to achieve the trinity with that girl.
by chargerjim November 8, 2009
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1. The post-match/training athletic refreshment of a pint of beer, water, and coke/lemonade. The beer provides analgesic effects to help mask any injuries, the water provides hydration, and the coke or lemonade delivers carbohydrate in a readily available and easy to digest format.

2. The name of the group of athletes (defensement from Hillcroft Lacrosse Club) who initialised the practice of consuming The Trinity.
*At the bar after a game*

Mitch: What do you want?

Dave: The Trinity
by MrKoi March 25, 2008
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Trinity is atcaully very quiet when u meet her, but once u become friends, she is crazy AF. She is very athletic (anything that can hurt people and is on a mat) and is EXTREMLY COMPETITIVE. She is confusing and weird. She doesn't consider her self smart but really is. She has LOTS of GUY & GIRL friends. When u make her mad, just know she finna go off. It's rare for her to fight. Well, that's Trinity.
Trinity is the toughest girl you will ever meet.
by Sidney2716 August 6, 2017
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A very shy girl until you know her, then she is very outgoing. If you offend her she will become a crazy bitch. She is typically short or tall (Not really a in between) and has brunette hair with mesmerizing brown eyes. She is typically assertive to people she doesn't know. She has a very active brain and gets sidetracked very easily, often starting tons of things at once and ends up finishing everything at different times, in different orders. She has a active imagination and her style is her own. Trinity's a catch for a girlfriend, you could expect little things like flowers for no reason. She acts confident but can be self- doubting. She has a athletic body and a distinct feature. She draws people to her and knows how to reject someone without hurting there feelings. Her friends and family are very important to her, and if you mess with them, you mess with her. She is a emotional roller coaster, and can be hard to keep up with for some. She is a big part of the party and will probably help clean after, she is a great person to have in your life.
"Hey, Trinity; I love your hair!"
"Oh really, because you look so much better."

"Dude I heard you and Trinity were dating"
"Yeah she spoils me."
by Nettles382 May 29, 2017
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A fun and loving person to be with also being very intelligent and beautiful person to look at,to be her friend is a honor but never take her friendship for granted because in one mistake it will be gone
Trinity is a divine person in all aspects although is not perfect but can appear to be to others.
by GoldBlood January 25, 2016
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The most beautiful little girl ever. When she smiled she lit up a room so bright that it put the rays of sun to shame. She was my baby girl, My princess, my daught. Mommy will love you forever baby girl.
by Minimommy December 20, 2016
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Trinity is an all around girl who loves people a lot more then they love her. She is really pretty. Has dirty brown hair and green/hazel eyes. She is athletic and smart. she has a very kind-heart. A very good girlfriend. she will care about you even if she hates you. She is loved by most. Super popular. She is always thinking about something. Usually a good singer. She aspires to be tough. Will do anything to protect her friends if they are getting called names. she gets heartbroken easily. when it comes to love she is sensitive. This is because, she has probably been hurt and has been sad. She has trust issues. She doesn't trust herself either. She wants to make it in life and make a difference in people. She is unique and very special. A one of a kind.
"Trinity is the best thing that has happened to me, and I left her hurt."
"Look its Trinity, I love her."
by gothgirlclique August 2, 2018
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