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When a man penetrates a woman three ways; orally, vaginally and anally.
Kobe Bryant wouldn't have been in trouble Colorado, but he got greedy by trying to achieve the trinity with that girl.
by chargerjim November 07, 2009
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The feeling a trans person gets when he/she/they are able to start presenting as the gender they identify as and people start treating them accordingly
When they used my proper pronouns, my gender dysphoria became gender euphoria
by Black_berry September 13, 2018
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Trinity, simply put, means three!

The Munted Crew doctrine of “The Trinity”, is one of the most important in mainstream Munted faith, as it teaches the unity of Alcohol, Chemicals, and Plant Matter (marijuana) as three substances coming together in one divine party!

“The Trinity” is the point which is reached when all three substances combine to form the pure ultimate in high’s, but be warned this is also a point at which the scales could trip and you could quite easily find yourself waking up in a hospital!

“The Trinity” is often referred to as the King of party enders. To achieve and hold on to “The Trinity” takes great skill and a lot of dedicated practise (and a lot of down time when the scales are overloaded and tipped)!
“The Trinity” should not be attempted with a light hearted approach!
Man the trinity got hold of me last night, boy was I munted for a while there!

Dude did you see Johnny last night? He was running from the trinity for a while but it got him good. He’s ok now he's had his stomach pumped!

Yo, how good was that bro, I rode The Trinity hard all night! Only just got down out of the saddle half hour ago man. What a fucking wicked party!
by The party wise kid December 21, 2010
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The three Gods of the Trend

The Emo
The Blackie
The Native

The Three coolest people you will ever meet

Get to know them they're cool.
Bob: Woah guys look......its the trinity.......
Bill: oh shit, bow down its the three gods of the trend

The Native: Aloha kakahiaka
The Emo: Hey
The Blackie: Yo, wazup nigga
by The Native God June 09, 2010
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1. The post-match/training athletic refreshment of a pint of beer, water, and coke/lemonade. The beer provides analgesic effects to help mask any injuries, the water provides hydration, and the coke or lemonade delivers carbohydrate in a readily available and easy to digest format.

2. The name of the group of athletes (defensement from Hillcroft Lacrosse Club) who initialised the practice of consuming The Trinity.
*At the bar after a game*

Mitch: What do you want?

Dave: The Trinity
by MrKoi March 25, 2008
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The trinity is the reverse of two in the pink one in the stink. Where two penises are shoved in the bum and one in the vagina
Alex, Christian, and Jacob did the trinity with Juan
by Swagyolo5 November 05, 2015
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