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What Kevin McCarthy heard way too many times when he tried to secure the speaker's gavel...
More and more Republicans are voting to not elect Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House, leading to the House Clerk declaring that a speaker has not been elected.
by The Real Driller January 5, 2023
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An Orwellian organization run by Communist Party USA whose primary goal is creating technology to prevent you from uploading certain copyrighted content to prevent piracy. It often does not recognize fair use due to it being automated, making expression under the First Amendment a hassle. A company that will certainly cause the next civil war over creativity and expression.
A number of websites grossly exploit Audible Magic's technology, including YouTube, Twitch, MySpace, Vimeo, and many others.
by The Real Driller August 22, 2022
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A stupid course by 3rd Millenium Classrooms that all college freshman have to take. Unfortunately, the course's content is overly complicated and rigged so you wouldn't be able to complete it. It's split into two parts with part 2 being even worse.
If you're ever forced to take Alcohol Wise, then too freaking bad. You will fail every time and you won't be able to complete college.
by The Real Driller October 7, 2018
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Stupid giant who loves informing Dolfy about pointless stuff.
Gunsche: I must inform you about something. You look like me.
Dolfy: No you don't. How dare you compare yourself to me. You're just a stupid informing giant.
by The Real Driller June 9, 2022
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A marketing initiative on social media to encourage people to follow other users. It is not a bad thing since it can increase your follower count and if you're on Instagram, but on Twitter, these are sent out as a form of inconvenience since it allows every tagged person to blast the others tagged with every reply, like, and retweet the tweet gets. This is especially true if the user doesn't know any of the other users tagged and can be a nuisance if the number of users tagged is large.
Chris: Dude, Angie needs to stop adding me to these Follow Fridays on Twitter. I don't even know who half these users are and I always have to deal with the bullcrap of them blowing up my timeline and notification inbox with GIFs.
Kyle: I know man, they're annoying. Remember the time she tagged both of us in the same Follow Friday? At least you can say "bye" and mute the conversation before anyone starts talking dirty or whatever.
Sydney: She tagged me this morning. I blocked her so that I don't have to deal with this again.
by The Real Driller June 14, 2021
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The official name for accessible toilets in China, translated literally from its original Chinese-language counterpart.
Kyle: Hey, I took this disabled guy into the deformed man's toilet yesterday.
Chris: Why are you calling accessible toilets that?
Kyle: Just because I want to. I love going to the bathroom in China.
by The Real Driller January 10, 2022
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Basically the Japanese version of Electronic Arts (or EA). They were a once great company who started turning to crap in the 2010s. This all started when they would localize licensed games based on anime, manga, and doujin franchises, only to degrade them. Things started getting bushier when they began licensing anime titles with no dubs.
Konata: Hey, did you get Touhou Gensou Rondo?
Susumu: No, that's a crappy Nippon Ichi game. I heard they pulled an LJN on it when localizing it for North America. Basically a long tutorial, bad backgrounds, and nobody online. I'm gonna get the AVGN to review this.
by The Real Driller September 7, 2017
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