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A talented cross dresser, who randomly flashes his testicles at people for the shock value.
Joe was hitting on this hot chick at the bar when-SURPRISE!-she turned out to be a cuttlefish.
by cephalopod lover October 17, 2010
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GWAR's lead throat thing Oderus Urungus's huge prosthetic wang dangling between his legs.
Oderus's cuttlefish busted all over the crowd!

The pigs confiscated Oderus's cuttlefish as evidence.
by jägermonsta November 15, 2006
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n. - one who is bad. The name is derived from that of the cephalopod, which looks as though it would be a poor kisser. The slimy, moist, decidedly unsolid appearance of the creature also no doubt contribute to the use of its name this context.
That guy Emily hooked up with last night was a total cuttlefish, always ramming his tongue down her throat. gross.
by knut September 26, 2004
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Cuttlefish is like a squid/octopus hybrid. It spits ink and it's really tasty when you give it teh eatin.
No one expected the cuttlefish to get it come-up-ins, so I ate it.
by Void July 28, 2003
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