(verb) to gross out; to digust; to make your skin crawl, sometimes with undertones of sexual deviance/perversion
It really skeeved me out when he ate the gummy bear off the floor in the movie theater.
Twenty-year-old guys who date girls too young to drive really skeeve me out.
by puma-cat July 8, 2005
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verb 1. to cause disgust (in someone). 2. +that: to be disgusted by (something)

From Italian schifo (pron. 'skI:fo
1. Seeing guys spit on the sidewalk skeeves me. 2. Guys putting their hands all over you, I skeeve that.
by mrRhum September 8, 2004
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(Noun) A slang term used when referencing someone who is distastetful and/or uncomplimentary of the kind of person the user would hold in regard. Whom this describes is entirely based on opinion of said user.
Person 1: "Hey... remember that kid 'So-and-So' from high school?"
Person 2: "Heh, Yes. I hated him. He was such a Skeeve."
by A. King. August 17, 2006
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a woman of loose virtue that is extremely like to perform a sexual act on any individual who pays her attention. The term is derived from the Italian "schifosa", the feminine form of the word for disgusting.
"Yo bro, check those skeeves who just rolled up"

"I had to stop dating her, turns out she was a skeeve"

Our goal for the evening was to pick up some skeeves
by Ciccio_454 August 9, 2011
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An extremely repulsive and nerd like person. Other forms are skeevatz,exclamation; skeevy (adverb)as in "he is so skeevy", skeeved out (verb) as in "I am skeeved out".
Someone that wears socks with sandals, constantly complains and has the need to tell you every bodily function and ailment, a person that makes your skin crawl at the thought of touching you.
by Alison Buzzotta July 4, 2003
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(v): to steal electronic data, especially credit card numbers via hacking. Named for Skeeve Stevens, the first Australian jailed for computer crime.
Someone skeeved my Mastercard
h3y dude, can yuo skeeve m3 sum webmail accountz??
by jizzy-kay July 1, 2009
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Verb: to steal
Noun: a theft, someone who is untrustworthy in nature
- "Dude I'm about to go skeeve a drink from their cooler"

- "Dude skeeve like a few grams out of old boys sack"

- "Dude, did you just see that guy come over here and take a drink from our cooler? What a skeeve."

- "Yo make sure you weigh that sack, I've heard that dude is a total skeeve."
by jagthehobo September 1, 2009
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