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Mishal is a word commonly used in the same context as "cool"
"I won State Championship"
"That is so Mishal man!"

"I am so Mishal, when I took part in the Mishal contest they said, 'Sorry, no professionals'"
by Izzles July 27, 2009
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mishal is a very strong girl, who can handle her emotions, you will never see her cry. Because she has already gone thru so much and is used to it. She is a really amazing daughter . Always supports her mother. She is a daddy's little princess. mishal a true blessing in her family. She will always pretend like she doesn't care, but deep down she does and would never admit it. Always tries to do her best in everything. She is the perfect daughter in her family
by Heyo67 December 09, 2018
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A word used to describe a perfect man. Tall, dark and handsome. Thick hair. A very smart, dedicated individual, always trying to improve himself. Never stops going forward in life with full determination and focus. Lifestyle and diet is very calculated and proper, but will occasionally binge on foods like pie. Has a softer side which is displayed on rare occasions. Will always have your back and will care for you. Very loving towards animals, especially cats.
Ashley: Oh my God, look at that man! He's perfect!
Andee: I agree! He's such a Mishal.
by kitkatkittykat_ January 10, 2018
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A person who happens to hate everything, even things that they like. They tend to showoff their wild afro hair along with their red pants, UGG boots and American apparel leggings. A Mishal is known to be fluent in German, Tamil and proficient in Swedish. If you have seen a Mishal death stare, consider yourself lucky as no one has lived to tell stories about it. A Mishal can quote the entire Mean Girls movie at any given time, and is very hard to impress. Never get in between a Mishal and its ice cream especially a superkid, violence acts by a Mishal can be life threatening. A Mishal is known to be a bully, and almost every girl in a class with Mishal has personally been victimized. A Mishal diet will usually consider anything high in sugar and fructose along with plenty of fish meat. A Mishal will never give anyone enough attention. They tend to be clumsy as this is just speculation, until further studies can confirm these allegation. However their cooking skills are unmatched as their fish and coconut cupcakes are world-renowned, and their cupcakes have gone on to win many baking competitions. If you ring a Mishal's doorbell, good luck getting them to open it. You can never be cooler than a Mishal.
Omg, I just ran into a Mishal today.

You're such a Mishal.
by Aaron Samuels Africa November 25, 2013
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An incredibly anoyin guy with a girls name.
Used to describe someone of an extremely high annoyance level.
Man that mishal really pisses me off.
If Mishal speaks to me again i bludgen him to death with my shoe.
by Bob March 21, 2005
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a person who is often described as "gormless" and other words relating to general slowness and lack of intelligence and at whose house there is a party at on april 2nd.
mishal look gormless
mishal do a little dance
by imran March 26, 2005
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