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to be in the same room someone is having sex in when you are unaware of the situation.
Girl 1: "did you hear? Bob and Sue had sex last night at her house party."
Girl 2: "I fell asleep in the same room as Sue!!"
Girl 1: "Ohhh mannn, you got victimized!'
by warning147 June 25, 2009
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The word that is used to rub it in someones face after they have been geesed.
example 1 - Ray Lewis murdering Mike Vick
Lewis, "AWWWW, you just got victimized son."

example 2 - Student A Victimizing Student B and Student C confirms it.
Student A - "yo' momma's so fat, she got hit by a parked car"
Student B - "Ohh yea, well....uh..."
Student C - "Awwww snap, you just got victimized tinkerbel"
by Mike L. November 10, 2004
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