A conference tournament in NCAA basketball. This term is used especially for mid-major (non-BCS) teams for whom winning the conference tournament is their only shot at getting into the big dance, i.e. the NCAA tournament. This term was coined by ESPN.
Phil: "LeBron James is awesome man. You know, I could have been that good if I had stuck with the game."
Kevin: "No you couldn't have."
Phil: "Dude! I was a big-time NBA prospect before I injured my knee."
Kevin: "No you weren't."
Phil: "Well, no, but I played in college and made it to the NCAA tournament - the big dance!"
Kevin: "No you didn't."
Phil: "No, but my team did play in the little dance and almost won."
Kevin: "No they didn't."
Phil: "No, but I did play in college."
Kevin: "Nope."
Phil: "I mean high school."
Kevin: "Uh-uh."
Phil: "I mean the 8-year-olds league."
Kevin: "No way."
Phil: "Well ok, but I did play in a pick-up game once and scored 10 points."
Kevin: "No you didn't."
Phil: "Well no. How did you know? Is it because I'm white?"
Kevin: "No, it's because you're a one-armed midget. I hate to say it, but basketball just isn't the game for you."
Phil: "Oh yeah, good point. But if I could grow two feet or so - and another arm - then I'd be 5-foot-3 and could be the next Muggsy Bogues."
Kevin: "Nope, sorry. Not a chance."
Phil: "Well I was a world champion in midget tossing...as the projectile."
Kevin: "Now THAT I believe."
by Nicholas D March 13, 2009
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A third person statement about an action carried out by the speaker to denote the recent performance of rhythmitic movement in the appropriate manner which is according to the second from lowest possible degree of assessment.
n00b: omg I just installed lunix for wind0ws!!
n00b: *does a little dance*
by waffle March 29, 2004
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do the fricking little lad dance NOW MF
by i fricked your mom October 03, 2021
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