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stupid or slow-witted; adjective - (Oxford English Dictionary definition) also describes one who is lacking in composure, grace, intellect, style etc.

A nick-name for one whose attributes are all of the above.
Tom: That guy is SO gormless, he really doesn't have a clue! It's actually hilarious to watch... from a distance.
Dick: Yeah, I really cant stand that guy! I'd NEVER invite him to a party.
Harry: Guys, chill, it can't be easy to wake up every morning and have to face not only the world but also yourself. Have some compassion for the dude; he's clearly got problems.

Brian: Sometimes I just feel so, so, SO gormless!
Briana: Hmm, 'gormless', rhymes with formless, chormless, hormless...
Brian: That's not helpful.
Briana: Perhaps if you thought about your words before you spoke them... hmm? After all, the definition of a gentleman IS 'one who says what they mean and means what they say'!

"The man gormlessly(<-adverb) spent his life with his proverbial foot in his mouth; always the moment killer, cringe worthy comment maker, lie starter and shit stirrer. He had made many enemies out of friends and had a lot to atone for."
by whiteymcfitey January 04, 2009
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A dozy, vacant expression.
Oblivious to ones surroundings, mouth agape.
"Wake up you gormless twat!"
by coreyhaim May 05, 2005
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1. A lack of intelligence, or a person or thing of less, or fewer, intelligence.
2. Less than intelligent.

Related form:
gorm + less - adjective

- noun. intelligence, intelligent

less (Ref:
–noun 7. a smaller amount or quantity...
–adjective. smaller in size...
The existing definitions of 'gorm' define the word gormless.
by gmanyyz July 11, 2009
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Someone lacking so much of a clue they don't know ass from tit. Completely lacking in gorm.
Salesman: You're gormless

Josh: gormless?

Salesman: Yes! You've got no gorm!
by JaD August 05, 2018
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Entirely bereft of gorm.
The gormless marketroid didn't realize that he was being had.
by ke6isf June 27, 2005
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