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A man who blows his load too quick before getting the woman off. Usually within 2 minutes.
Her: Have you ever slept with Russell?

Sister: No, hes married I do believe.

Her: Oh!!!! Well Russell definitely is a minute man, finishing before I ever came. I swear he was in my pussy for under a minute before he groaned and came.

Sister: Sounds like a waste of time!! Or lack their of
by heyithappens March 30, 2015
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guy who comes too quick during sex and doesn't get the girl off
"He came quick. He got his, I ain't getting mine, I'm like fuck."

"You done got you a muthafuckin minute man."
by Stacy July 02, 2003
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Term for a volunteer soldier in the American Revolution, who were supposed to be ready to fight against the British at a minute's notice. These were often nothing more than farmers that happened to have a gun or two lying around.
Let us not confuse "minuteman," a man who quickly goes off to be a soldier, with minute man, a man whose soldier goes off too quickly.
by Zalis January 25, 2004
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(n) A guy who cums very quickly. See premature ejaculation.
That guy is a minuteman! He came as soon as she touched his dick!
by keyshaw September 24, 2004
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A guy who cannot hold his load therefore not being able to please his woman. Aka mary's boyfriend
whoa that sucks you're going out with a minute man!
by m April 20, 2005
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a guy who busts in a couple of minutes. i know alot of them and they know who they are.
these young boys are some minute men. i don't want no one minute man.
by M-DOT March 30, 2005
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