A man who blows his load too quick before getting the woman off. Usually within 2 minutes.
Her: Have you ever slept with Russell?

Sister: No, hes married I do believe.

Her: Oh!!!! Well Russell definitely is a minute man, finishing before I ever came. I swear he was in my pussy for under a minute before he groaned and came.

Sister: Sounds like a waste of time!! Or lack their of
by heyithappens March 29, 2015
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Doesn't always exist! Women If he only last a minute it's your fault. Coming from a woman that knows. Ask your self these questions!
1) What do you do to set the mood?

Men are always ready!
2) Do you call him out i.e. tell him he's a minute man?

Creates tensity!
3) Do you show him that it means an act of passion?

Very important for a healthy relationship.
4) Were you drunk, high, or both?

Inebriation causes P. E.
5) Do yo massage him lovingly first?

Very important:)
6) Do you help him squeeze method his member?

It works:)
7) Do you take the time to stop and switch up or rush him?

It works:)
8) Do you use protection protocol i.e. condom

Gurl don't get an s.t.d. if you don't know the man.
Lady's if the man still has a problem after you treat him to these list of woman priority's in a relationship and he still has a problem. Dude's just slack and needs to seek a professional.
by Tryit@ndprov3m3wrong January 14, 2010
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The process of wiping in and throughout a poo instead of at the end of pooing. This could be done for many reasons, but the main theme being preperation incase you have to leave the toilet quickly, thus "Minute Man."
Hey, make sure to be a minute man in there. I can feel something brewing and I don't want you wiping for an hour and a half while I take a dump on the floor.
by Tommy Two-Shoes May 14, 2017
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guy who comes too quick during sex and doesn't get the girl off
"He came quick. He got his, I ain't getting mine, I'm like fuck."

"You done got you a muthafuckin minute man."
by Stacy July 2, 2003
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A guy who cannot hold his load therefore not being able to please his woman. Aka mary's boyfriend
whoa that sucks you're going out with a minute man!
by m April 21, 2005
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a guy who busts in a couple of minutes. i know alot of them and they know who they are.
these young boys are some minute men. i don't want no one minute man.
by M-DOT March 30, 2005
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