Someone who got murked, did something stupid, fucked up, made a huge mistake, or just got plain FUCKED UP.
Guy 1: Aw, dawg I just stepped in shit with my new shoes.

Guy 2: Damn, dude you done.

Guy 1: This guy just got shot in his dick!

Guy 2: HE DONE!
by OniiLuffix March 5, 2011
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The best comeback for people who pretend to be burnt out.

Use this comeback if you are bipolar and are ignorant of the world outside of online trash talk.
1:"Are you done? You get no head."
2:"Who do you get head from?"
1:"Shut up Brett"
by TomSilva September 10, 2010
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an expression used by those who do not have any other comebacks because of their lack of creativity. they end up just sounding like a big DOUCHE. the only person who can get away with saying "are you done" is Mr. Kruger from Seinfeld.
Person 1: "Hey, how are you?"
Person 2: "Are you done?"
Person 1: "FUCK YOU YOU'RE A DOUCHE. now i'm done."
by ttthhhaaattt gggiiirrrlll March 5, 2009
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It means you really really fucked up. You will probably will end up in cyberjail, where the consequences will never be the same.
Troll: O shit..
Cyberpolice: You done goofed..
by partikk July 18, 2010
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Kerigirl13 from youtube released a video of her crying because of cyberbullying and her dad came on to the camera saying blah blah i'm telling the police YOU DONE GOOFED.


hai esea and 4chan
by OvercasT from esea July 16, 2010
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will take you to court, sue you, take legal action against you, or report you to a higher authority

Used in Britain (at least), colloquially.
"I'll have you done for harassment if you ever call me again"

"I'll have you done for cowardice if you dare speak again."

"I'll have you done for slander"
by Burrito_ October 20, 2016
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What you say when your getting fucked so bad by someone and you want them to stop you ask "you done bro?"
Alan: My tight little asshole has taken a pounding for far too long. "you done bro?"

Carl: Not yet babe just a few more minutes. You mad bro?

Alan: No, But asshole can't take much more of this BR@H!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by BrandonMcKnight January 23, 2011
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