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Shorty has some fine nukas!
by m July 3, 2003
the cross between a moron and an asshole basicallya really annoying person
by m June 16, 2003
I was so chapped when she threw that martini at me.
by m November 5, 2003
Navid came up with the word... dunno why...
Is there one? www.flangemoney.com
by m April 19, 2005
Onomatopoeic sound describing a "slow" explosion that results in a large rush of air, rather than a percussive explosion.
Mary lit the gas oven after waiting too long, which subsequently went floom.
by m May 16, 2004
aka a terrorist aka a person who uses violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.
Al-Queda suicide bombers killed thousands of New Yorkers on 9-11-01.
by m February 19, 2004