Another word for McDonald's according to family guy Lois says to quagmire that only middle aged woman say Mickey D's
by Xiao puppy June 04, 2019
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McDonalds if your American,


Mickies Dick everywhere else...
Hey I feel like maccas...

what is maccas??


Oh you mean MickeyD's

no I don't mean mickey mouses dick! I mean I want to get me some chicken nuggets


does Disney own everything??
by fluffyballs July 02, 2014
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Refering to McDonalds, a short way to say McDonalds, a quick and cool way to say it.
Yo, if you gon go to MickeyD's get me a double cheeseburger wit sum fries ma du.
by MiZ TYZ April 09, 2007
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A collectve term for:

1. The food sold at a McDonalds restaurant.

2. An order purchased therin.
by Gaylord Farquahar February 14, 2004
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Going to the toilet for a number two, taking a shit or having a pooh.
Described thus as the Mcdonald's(Mickey D) patties resemble an aesthetically pleasing turd.
I'm off for a Mickey D
by Amelia Jensen March 21, 2008
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The nickname for McDonald's most often used by middle/lower class citizens in order to make it sound as though it's almost cool and/or chosen to eat McDonald's.
"I only have $5.50... You know what soudns good... Some Mickey D's!!!"
by Kristen December 01, 2003
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Emcee/Producer from North America signed to Broken Shrine/Dieslow Records, album "The Colossal Situation" as well as over 15+ mixtape appearances (Jan.23rd 2009) Known for controversy on and off-stage and for his passion for Jack Daniels
"That new Mickey D is sick as fuck"
by EARtoTHEground45 January 23, 2009
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