The same as girls, just a misunderstood variant.
Boys can wear dresses, express ourselves, cry, and do whatever we want. We wanna be friends not enemies.
by Chalko3 January 9, 2021
Great people who have so much potential in life, but are insecure most of the time due to being misunderstood.
Boys are the same as Girls, so why don't we help them more?
by Chalko3 January 9, 2021
A lot of my friends are boys, and we all like the same things.
by Chalko3 January 9, 2021
Wow, you knocked that bitch up your first time banging her! Your boys must be potent.
by alex1010 April 16, 2009
When the boys gonna makes you dress like a tomboy
Me: Boy, look at my cousin here, he starts rapping, dude
Boy #1: Bruh I just look at him, he's crazy
Boy #2: He was the craziest artist tho!
My Japanese cousin: *mumbling and stuttering*
Boy #3: YOOOO! His facts gonna be a BOP!!!
Me: Alright, let's spit about facts like boys, dance, party, Saturday night & love
Boys: YOOOOOOO!!!!!
by LilSammie November 7, 2020
Boys are misunderstood people. We can do the same things as girls, we can be creative, smart, expressive, friendly, and social, and we are not always arrogant or stupid.
I am hanging with my friends who are boys, and they are great people just like us girls.
by Chalko3 January 9, 2021