89 definitions by Kristen

the alter-ego of helen when she is drunk or coked up or both. This later causes her to go insane and dance like a lunatic
"damn, whats wrong with u, u must be channeling the helizzle vibe"

"there is a time and place for the helizzle to come out, and school isnt one of em"
by Kristen December 9, 2004
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Something that is extremly out of control, or causing antarchy.
that party was ramulous.
by Kristen August 23, 2004
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best band who just so happens to sing the very best and most entertaining songs ever known to man.
Relient K rocks my socks.
by Kristen September 23, 2003
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its like ridiculous, but recockulus!
your mom's recockulus!!
by Kristen February 18, 2004
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To act indifferent when someone asks you about something or an uncomfortable situation presents itself.
Most often done when pretending something doesn't bother you that actually does.
The hip, less dramatic way of "being empathetic"
"The guy I like a lot just fucked my best friend, but I played it off like I didn't care."
by Kristen December 3, 2003
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person who acts like he/she/it doesnt have eyebrows
stop being such a gitazo
by Kristen February 24, 2005
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to have sex with

to make love, have sex, bone, screw. etc
i totally zeoned with your mom

dude check out that chick i zeoned
by Kristen April 15, 2005
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