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A word used to express when there is more of something than neaded, or for the word also. Often replaced by "to" and "2" by idiots.
1. There were too many people in the crowd for me to see what was going on.
2. I wanna go, too!
3. oooo me to!!!111
4. nooo ur 2 smrat 4 me
by Kristen August 11, 2003
AE is the best store ever! But I'm not limited to only shopping at that store. I also shop at Abercrombie, and Hollister. All three of those stores are equally great! Why shop at Walmart?
I got four pairs of really cute shorts from American Eagle, and it only came to about $136
by Kristen March 7, 2005
Something that is extremly out of control, or causing antarchy.
that party was ramulous.
by Kristen August 23, 2004
best band who just so happens to sing the very best and most entertaining songs ever known to man.
Relient K rocks my socks.
by Kristen September 23, 2003
What happens to your vision when there is a lack of oxygen to the brain. Often things will fade to black when you are very inebriated and/or under the influence of some sort of narcotic.
"I smoked so much opium this weekend that I was just standing there and everything faded to black... I passed out right on the floor."
by Kristen December 3, 2003
1) A word typically used by males to describe a female who is particularly good-looking or has a particularly outstanding feature.
2) being in the act of intercourse
1) "Shakira's backyard is bangin like a benzy."
2) "You were just bangin John last night!!"
by Kristen December 1, 2003
to have sex with

to make love, have sex, bone, screw. etc
i totally zeoned with your mom

dude check out that chick i zeoned
by Kristen April 15, 2005