Lois is a beautiful girl who deserves a lot , she is caring , loving , creative and had the best personality, she loves cuddles and is as sweet as candy , she is the most beautiful person ever and if you ever meet a Lois NEVER LET GO OF THEM
I friggin love Lois
by Danceee March 30, 2018
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Lois is the most beautiful, smart, intelligent girl ever. She is cool, popular and loyal to her friends. She can be egotistical and unforgiving, but once you get her, she’s yours forever. If she stays in contact with you, you mean something to her. Lois notices more than she says, and is good at reading emotions. She is AMAZING!
“Hey, who’s your crush?”
No way! Mine too!?
by Hayleyxx November 4, 2019
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Lois is my name.
by Skylarrenee April 17, 2019
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Do not be deceived by Lois' seemingly sophisticated name. At first glance, Lois has a poised exterior, but once you get to truly know her, you will soon discover her overwhelming contagious crackhead energy, particularly through the hours 3pm-6pm and 11pm-4am. Lois is easygoing; she finds way to vibe with anyone she feels is genuine, and does not get petty over the little things. However, she is very stubborn, and this can be both awe-worthy and frustrating at the same time. Lois is also able to fall asleep anywhere and anytime, and has a huge soft spot for any animal. Lois can sometimes be found complimenting her friends while incorporating some false self deprecation. Does not appreciate the Family Guy references.
Friend: How do I look in these pants?

Lois: Wait, your ass looks so good in those.

Friend: Yea, but we all know you have the fattest ass in this friend group.

Lois: Shut up rat, I'm flat as a board. (She's not)
by biddieboo January 16, 2020
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Lois is a person with a great personality has her struggles but fixes everything in the end very. Loving smart
Oh Lois has turned her whole life around!!!
by M.r Willy wonka May 13, 2018
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A unique kind of person, he/she is a nice, charming and funny person, always helping out and caring for others. They give the best hugs and can get quite jealous over the person they love. They will not stop chasing the person they like and are quite romantic.
I hell want to marry a lois, theyre faithful and give the best hugs

Lois is such a sweet girl, i love her to bits
by Altanonymous November 20, 2012
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A super cute, amazing and sexy girl that knows how to treat a boy when she likes the boy. They are very naughty but will not show it until you maje the first move. They are also very good and amazingly great kissers.
1. Get you a lois nigga.
2. A lois and a Emmanuel are the power couples of all other couples.
by Kayla hanes January 3, 2017
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