A word that is ruined because of Jacob Sartorious
P1: Did you hear the song, Sweatshirt?

P2: Yo, If i did, would I be alive right now?
by Neutral June 2, 2016
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a piece of clothing that you could put over your body to keep you warm just like jacob satourisis’s music video. jacob said that you could wear his sweatshirt.
jacob: you can wear my sweatshirt
girl 1: yessss!!!!!
girl 2: ugh no i don’t want that
by Victorious Legend June 19, 2019
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An item of your boyfriends or fwb that girls constantly steal because it smells like them and it reminds them of the guy when they are apart. Usually, the girl gives the guy her scrunchie after she gets his sweatshirt. PSA: Guys when you give you girl your sweatshirt leave her a note in the pocket
Michelle: I got my mans sweatshirt and I'm happy asf
Corbyn: I got my bbg scrunchie
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Definition #1: A song ruined by Jacob Sartorious
Definition#2: A coat type things that are hella warm and comfy often the things girls steal from their boyfriend♡
Girl: can I have your sweatshirt?

Boy: No
Girl: *Takes it anyway*
by Kaye♡ December 22, 2018
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a stupid song written by some dumbass teenage boy named jacob sartorious who thinks he is famous and can get with any girl just cos he lipsynced on Musial.ly
JACOB:YOU CAN WEAR MY SWEATSHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GIRLS: i dont want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by xoxoprivateschoolgirl January 8, 2020
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The belief that sweatshirts or hoodies should be worn at ALL times. Females who practice this are usually considered tomboys, skaters, insecure, etc. Although some cases actually are, most believers are simply avid lovers of sweatshirts.
Boy: It's so hot outside! Why on earth are you wearing a sweatshirt?

Girl: Haven't you ever heard of sweatshirtism?
by laumm. January 12, 2011
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