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Pino is a common Italian expression which literally stands for pine tree. Though in the urban language it has the meaning of joint. It is sometimes reversed from Pino to Nopi to make it even harder to understand by other people.
Fra ci spariamo un pino
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by Lil Vari February 07, 2018
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a common name for an italian degenerate gambler.

you will usually find a Pino at Mac's milk playing proline, and on the internet betting on off shore horse races.
i want to be a degenerate just like pino
by basilvestr January 13, 2010
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another secret name for porn so as not to alert anyone of your dirty secret
dude, i just rented some pino from BlockBuster
by Jonathan Thompsen November 13, 2007
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An acronym for "President In Name Only." This is an explicit reference to President George W. Bush given the controversial nature of the means by which he gained office in 2000 through a Supreme Court decision cutting off the recount in Florida and also the popular belief that Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Karl Rove are the ones really making all the presidential decisions.
by James H.L. November 17, 2006
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a Filipino from the Philipines.
"Hey, Check out that new foreign Exchange Student!"

"The Pino? Yeah! That kid is cool! Straight from the Philipines!"
by TheGasMaskGuy March 05, 2008
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(verb) To rip off, steal, swindle, or bamboozle by means of trickery, lies, or deception, wherein the victim will be left with an acute realization that they should've known better.
I totally got Pino'd in my Fantasy basketball league at work.
by Model Minority April 20, 2008
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