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When you try to fart but a huge chunky watery shit explodes out instead coating the inside of your underwear.
Hey guys did you see TJ just did a mexican breakfast on stream!
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by dalekman9999 July 07, 2018
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When you are banging a chic doggie style then apply a small amount of hot sauce to your thumb. Then your proceed by sticking your thumb in her anus. She will jump, flip her over then feed it to her.
"Girl your breath stinks!" reply "yeah Johnny gave me a mexican breakfast!"
by BlackboyT October 20, 2006
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On the morning after, when you have sex with the still-sleeping girl next to you before she fully wakes up to realize what is happening then hurriedly leave her place.
"Wait, I thought you only had sex with Emily last night?"
"No, dude, I gave her a Mexican breakfast this morning and bolted before she even knew what happened!"
by ealexander January 14, 2010
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