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A fresh clean public toilet first thing in the morning after maintenance cleaning in a school or office building.
I was psyched to be the first to drop one in the Virgin Bowl this morning!

Damn! The boss drank too much coffee and obliterated the Virgin Bowl! I'll wait till I get home to take a shit!

That bowl is not longer a Virgin.... I had tacos last night! You might want to wait until the fog clears to go in there.
by BlackboyT December 07, 2010
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A term used to describe a specific uncomfortable situation involving consumption of large quantities of Mexican Cuisine. After consuming lots of Mexican food (i.e. spicy bean Burritos) the subject proceeds to defecate themselves while riding a slip n’ slide. Can also be used to describe anal sex with a person who has diarrhea.
“I just ate a ton of Taco Bell let’s get the slip ‘n slide and go for a Mexican Sleighride!”

“Oh man look at the bathroom floor, it looks like someone went for a Mexican Sleighride in here!”

Bob: Hey Jim, smell my finger.
Jim: Nasty! It smells like asshole!
Bob: Yea, I just went for a Mexican Sleighride on Emily. She loaded up enchiladas and laxative!
by BlackboyT September 30, 2011
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When you are banging a chic doggie style then apply a small amount of hot sauce to your thumb. Then your proceed by sticking your thumb in her anus. She will jump, flip her over then feed it to her.
"Girl your breath stinks!" reply "yeah Johnny gave me a mexican breakfast!"
by BlackboyT October 20, 2006
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A term for idiot white boys so they can pretend they are black while still remaining in denial..
"yo I'm a jackass for saying nukka!"

"Im a stupid white nukka from the suburbs who wears his hat like slim with the tilted brim!"

"Damn nukka, this is the closest I will ever come to having any rhyme or basketball skillz!"
by BlackboyT January 12, 2006
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1. A person or persons that display ass like qualities.

2. An ass that someone wears as a hat i.e you have some ones head up your ass.

3. A hat that someone wears on their ass i.e a raging butt pirate

4. A guy named Burgh in CT who practices asshatery.

2+2 does not equal 7 you ass-hat!

Get over here and keep my rear warm you ass-hat!

That guy is the boss's ass-hat.

Burgh you are a giant ass-hat!
by BlackboyT November 16, 2007
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