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A total beast at life who owns at everything, has a hot girlfriend and drive a sexy car. A person who you would be very fortunate to befriend.
Guy 1: Dude why is that guy so amazing and God like. Im so jealous i wish i was him. Guy 2: Dont worry man its just KARTER everybody wishes they were him.
by Black Sox #1 June 26, 2009
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Music so good it could elicit sexual arousal.
The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
by lpvitus October 28, 2009
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A beast that puts others before themselves and he is the nicest coolest most athletic kid you’ll ever meet and has a beautiful crush and the best best friends ever honestly just a great person and does his best to be the nicest person he can loves sports and doesn’t care who you are he’ll be your friend no matter what and tries his best to be a good kid loves tiktok GOAT at madden and football in real life and isn’t perfect kinda trash at b-ball that’s all you need in a friend right????????
Man I wish I could be as athletic as Karter.
by Ladavian quinn November 07, 2019
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Karter is the best friend that everyone wants! She makes you laugh everyday and is super dramatic! Karter’s are very pretty and funny they are also very sporty. Karter’s love life’s are simply but good they/ She waits until they find the one! Karter’s tend to me very smart and sweet they have a very good heart and are amazing. Karter’s have beautiful blue eyes that everyone wants! She has the style that looks the best and is a sweet and strong girl!
by Anb24 March 01, 2019
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Is a bot at fortnite loves the fortnite skin rox
He is a bot bot bot

He has the horses in the back
He really wack
Karter you bot
by Lmaodbwha May 22, 2019
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generally a really dumb person. it’s fairly simple. he’s just dumb as fuck.
person 1: bro what did you get in that test

karter: well i thot it was supposed to be a fish so i started eating it and now i have a brick stuck in my throat.
by yungnug March 29, 2018
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A really bad counter-strike source player who is a hacker and uses a variety of made up slang terms.
Yo, that cripple ass gimp is such a karter.
by Sims March 02, 2005
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