Like a Golden Shower, but the person pissing has kidney stones. Thus raining down "meteors" down on the recipient.
I heard Ethan gave Chloe a meteor shower last night.
by NightHawk674 May 17, 2017
An Extremely RARE event which happens every weekend, where a friend goes out and has many balls pass her face. then complains about how hungover she was the next day.
Jenn went to the meteor shower in Sea Isle City last night and is now hungover
by purdyluv August 13, 2012
A group of people smoking crack dipped in embalming fluid.
Let's go over to Danny Five's for the meteor shower tonight.
by mwgris March 31, 2011
The act of a male, cuming on a girls face precisely at the same moment he forces himself to vomit on her head, thus pretaning to a Meteor Shower
I was getting a sweet blowjob from my buddies mom when he was at baseball practice, an i was about to cream HARD. As my load entered the deeper region of her throat, i thought of Sarah Jessica Parker and vomitted all over her head.
And that was my first Meteor Shower
by Money Tree August 22, 2010
when one takes a massive shit from great heights. generally while positioning one's self atop of a public bathroom stall, placing the feet and hands at all four corners.
i was totally jonesing for a thrill so i decided to pull a meteor shower at the bus station just to pass the time.
by Klingon7 September 28, 2007
to diarrhea in a girl's pussy. (a variation of "spacedocking")
I wanted to give that girl a meteor shower but I missed her pussy and got diarrhea all over her stomach.
by ecbaseball May 16, 2007
A Cincinnati meteor shower is an antisocial act in which when you take a big sack of shit to the rooftop of a high-story building and then from there you proceed to unload the sack down on an unsuspecting crowd of people, raining the shit down on their heads and causing chaos and humiliation everywhere.

A Cincinnati meteor shower is the most extreme form of a Cincinatti surprise.
The antiwar protestors gasped in horror when they suddenly became the victims of the dreaded Cincinnati Meteor Shower.
by Mark H September 20, 2004