Refering to PCP that is used to coat joints and blunts or even cigarettes.

This does NOT mean using real embalming fluid, which will fuck you up big time and not in a good way.
"What do you wanna do today?"
"I just got some more embalming fluid, wanna smoke?"
"I'm down"
by Big Rip March 26, 2007
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An uncommon nickname for the psychoactive drug Phencyclidine (PCP).

PCP is a dissociative hallucinogen, meaning it causes the mind to separate from the body in medium to high doses, hence the term "dissociative."

It is in no way similar to LSD, except for the hallucinogenic properties, but it is nowhere near as visually strong as LSD25, Psilocybin (mushrooms), or N,N,DMT (other, much more visual hallucinogens).

Also known as: Angel Dust, PCP
The dealer put fuckin' PCP in my weed man!!
by Interstellar Overdrive May 18, 2005
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Often confused with liquid PCP. Fluid that blunts or jays can be dipped into before smoked. These blunts or jays are called dips or sticks.
Chappelle's Show-
Tyrone Biggums: Can you kids say Marijuana?
Kids: Marijuana!
Tyrone: That's what we was smoking. Sometimes dipped in embalming fluids. And we was all giggling and eating up all the cookies. It was terrible!
by P June 16, 2006
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Embalming fluid has nothing to do with PCP.
Embalming fluid (also known as formaldehyde) is a liquid used to preserve biological specimens.
It's the stuff that makes morgues smell like shit.

Often times, joints, blunts, or cigarettes are dipped in embalming fluid and left to dry to create a drug called sherm.
PCP has nothing to do with embalming fluid.
by E. P. Chen November 4, 2008
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1. potent liqour

2. liquid PCP
He was caught with embalming fluid.
by Light Joker March 23, 2007
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This causes cancer. It can be found laced in marijuana and street drugs. Street drugs are not regulated, so we don’t know what’s going in them. A lot of times, poisons and cancer causing chemicals can be placed in them to decrease costs of production.
“I’m so stressed. I want to smoke.”

“No! Did you know embalming fluid is harmful? There are healthy and better alternatives to cope with stress, such as excercise, organic food, and hugging someone you love.” <3
by Iloveyoualways December 14, 2018
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