refers to the degree to which someone will stand up for them self or what one is responsible for, or, the degree to which one will go to get the job done. At work, having stones can be career-limiting if the company you work for values yes men instead of people that can actually get something done right. On film or TV, action heroes typically have major stones. However, you can have stones but no brains, which can lead to disastrous consequences if your timing sucks.
Employee (with stones) to Boss (without stones): "Dude, grow some stones and push back on these stupid requests - they are just wasting my time! I can't get this code written in time, you idiot!"
Boss to Employee: "You're FIRED! But, uh, no, uh, wait, that might get me in trouble because you're the only one who knows how to do this job. Uh, what should I do?

Jack Bauer on Fox's 24 has some major stones to stop terrorist attacks pretty much all by himself. In real life, it takes all 170,000 employees of the Department of Homeland Security to thwart these attacks.

Husband to Wife at a mixer: "Go get me another Bud. Oh, and you need to pick up the pace on those back rubs – I could use one right now, woman, my lower back is killing me."
Wife: Stunned
Wife’s friend to Wife: “Your husband is a jerk. Sounds like it’s time for some more Exlax brownies for his lunch.”
Wife: “You got that right - he still thinks the last batch really was a mint chocolate brownie mix.”
by workinglate February 27, 2006
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CRACK ROCKS-baked cocaine that is smoked through a glass stem or ontop of weed or tabacco. Come in small glass vials or small nick/dime bags.
that strung out bitch looks like shes been smoking to many stones again.
by wereaboutsunknown October 25, 2006
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1) Shorthand for the Rolling Stones.

2) plural of stone.

3) Multiple people who are stoned. An uncontrollable mispronounciation.
"Mick Jagger is a member of the stones"

"I threw stones at the cats"

"Yup, weis all stones rights now!"
by Gumba Gumba February 25, 2004
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1. Testicles
2. Small rocks
3. English pennies (100th of a pound). Can also represent an American cent.
1. "Wanker, you kicked me in my stones"
2. "Wow check out these stones, let's go stone me a pedo"
3. "Mate, can I chafe 50 stones"
by Slim Jim 3:16 March 19, 2005
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1) Narcotics in small pill form (Variation of "Rocks"

2) Valuable gems or jewlery which is encrusted with valuable gems, normally used in conjuction with the terms "Lift" or "Jack"
That bitch shorted me a stone!

When the clerk turns his back, you club him, and I'll jack the stones
by Paraphrase February 27, 2004
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I planned to party and get laid Saturday night but my stones were too sore to even go out.
by Jake February 26, 2004
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