The Matrix, but lamer and with NFTs for some reason. Product of Mark Zuckerberg's endless quest to make all of our lives worse
The metaverse is a load of crap, Zuckerberg is even dumber than he looks if he thinks I'm spending money on his lame VR headsets
by Eat cheetos, don't elect them December 14, 2021
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The reason Zuck lost 30 billion dollars in one day
Zuck: I hope you enjoy your stay in the Metaverse!
The majority: We will not be going to the Metaverse.
Zuck: :(
by TRE_ February 7, 2022
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In the philosophical system of Metaversalism, the Metaverse (sometimes also called the Omniverse) refers to the abstract realm consisting of all mathematically precise, consistently describable objects/structures/theories.
Person A: "Did you know, from your own subjective point of view, your consciousness can never cease to exist."
Person B: "Why is that?"
Person A: "Because no matter what happens to you, there will always be some possible world in the Metaverse in which you continue existing. If you no longer exist here, then you will only find yourself there, in those universes."
by Metaversalist February 3, 2010
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A huge investment for the first person or establishment that will implement it first. It will probably trap you like in SAO but scientists still see if it's possible.
Guy 1: Hey bro wanna play the metaverse and go on business meetings in VR?
Guy 2: No you no life loser go in real life instead of hiding inside your house all the time
Guy 1: I don't care bro I'll play the Metaverse for as long as I want
Guy 2: Play LSD Dream Emulator in VR then
Guy 1: Sure
30 mins later
Guy 1: *pissed himself*
by xx_im_bored12345_xx September 18, 2021
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Mark Zuckerberg's vr playground? nobody rly knows wtf the metaverse is
Im a real human, beep bop, back to the metaverse I go
by Anonymous Granny November 5, 2021
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One particular term often used to characterize any hypothetical future form of the Internet. Coined by Neal Stephenson in the book "Snow Crash".
See also: wordWired/word, wordMatrix/word.
You can give us all the metaverse-advancing technology in the world, and we'll still use it for pornography.
by Black Monkey Mage August 18, 2003
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