The Matrix, but lamer and with NFTs for some reason. Product of Mark Zuckerberg's endless quest to make all of our lives worse
The metaverse is a load of crap, Zuckerberg is even dumber than he looks if he thinks I'm spending money on his lame VR headsets
by Eat cheetos, don't elect them December 14, 2021
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The reason Zuck lost 30 billion dollars in one day
Zuck: I hope you enjoy your stay in the Metaverse!
The majority: We will not be going to the Metaverse.
Zuck: :(
by TRE_ February 7, 2022
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A virtual realm Mark Zuckerberg created in order to VR-rape unsuspecting social media users.
Mark Zuckerberg: “It’s not rape, you consented to this point when you signed the latest Facebook terms and conditions.”

Me: “Well I guess you’re right, proceed. At least it’s pain free in the metaverse, right? …right?”
by Don_Paul August 18, 2022
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In the philosophical system of Metaversalism, the Metaverse (sometimes also called the Omniverse) refers to the abstract realm consisting of all mathematically precise, consistently describable objects/structures/theories.
Person A: "Did you know, from your own subjective point of view, your consciousness can never cease to exist."
Person B: "Why is that?"
Person A: "Because no matter what happens to you, there will always be some possible world in the Metaverse in which you continue existing. If you no longer exist here, then you will only find yourself there, in those universes."
by drthanos2 February 3, 2010
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A metaphysical dimension, (which can be simulated or spiritual).
'A metaverse is a metaphysical dimension, such as an alternate reality, spiritual realm, dimension where fiction is reality or simulated matrix powered by a super-computer.'

(Note: A metaverse isn't to be confused with a universe. Please read my definition of universe for more information).
by DianaLuciusDeCollis July 5, 2022
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a stupid ass fucking crypto scheme with no purpose that other things can't already do
Guy 1: i just bought a burger in the metaverse Guy 2: This is why your parents left you you ugly ass little loser
by BastianVF October 18, 2022
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