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Sexual act of fucking someone in the anus. Common sexual practice between homosexuals and hetrosexuals. Is also used as a form of birth control. Is considered more stimulating than reguular intercourse due to the fact that the anus present a tighter fit for the penis. In women it presents a feeling of being more "filled". May be done is various sexual positions but most common is the "doggie style" position. Commonly termed: " Taking it up the ass".
Susie cums much quicker when she is ass fucking.
Frank can give me an ass fucking anytime he wants.
by Renown February 22, 2008
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when a male is behind his female partner, who is usually bent over, and shoves his penis in her vagina and begins to fuck her. can be very painful for her.
I walked in on mary and larry last night..he was ass fucking her and she actually liked it!
by lizabeth_x3 September 21, 2007
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