If you need to secure some data, just use crypto.
by PorkWaffle January 3, 2012
You got any crypto to smoke bro, all I have is shwag?
by spyder December 3, 2002
Crypto is a short name for cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is a digital asset that can be purchased on any cryptocurrency exchange. Many people prefer cryptocurrency exchanges like coinbase.com, kraken.com or rubix.io for purchasing their crypto. Crypto can be used to purchase many goods, rather than original fiat currencies like the US Dollar.
I just used crypto to buy my groceries this morning and I didn't even have to pay any fees.
by neoexchange March 31, 2019
A form of digital currency popularized by the notorious gang of the CRIPS. This currency was created in direct opposition and competition with the "BRYBTO" currency, which is obviously the digital currency of the gang BLOODS.
G #1 : "Yo was Crakin nephew, yo let me hold some Crypto so I can buy some cigs"
G #2: " I gotchu my G, and later we go rob them slobs and take all their Brypto coins"
by Jay Maniak July 26, 2021
shorthand for crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin
If my country's next to economically collapse, I'm buying crypto!
by praxguy July 13, 2015
Crypto is a video game character in a game called Apex Legends. He is the op version of a guy called Bloodhound. He can send out a drone to detect villains around him. His drone has a power called E.M.P were he can break people's sheilds in the game. he came out at season 3
bro have you seen the new crypto character.
THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED: dude i just got a legendary crypto skin as soon as I got 12000 coins to get a new legend.
by epic games mate October 16, 2019
An, electronic music genre heavily inspired by video game (8-bit) like sounds, the bpm usually is around 100 - 120 bpm (Beats per minute).

The name came from the name of the creator of this genre, cryptonic, song called "Out Of This World" by Cryptonic was the first song to introduce this genre to the world.

Crypto is very energetic. A very characteristic part of the genre is the trans like choped supersaws and don't forget the distorted drums.
Did you hear that new crypto song?
by Lp_Beats May 7, 2019