Making a decision depending on personal taste or experience rather including other people in the decision making process.
musical taste is very subjective.

A personal opinion is subjective.
by Rachel Austin December 27, 2005
A person who does not use perception in order to determine the reality he percieves.

and many more!
by waffle October 20, 2003
Subjective shit. Unlogically shit. Shit of shit. Stupid shit of the stupid shit . Don't be a subjective shitman.
Subjective man: I guess mind above matter.
Objective man: You are idiot.
by Objective Is True July 24, 2019
Conflated with linear time but emerging from cyclical time.

Emergent or structural as contraposed to formal or fundamental.

Having the attributes of a medium.
The subjective references the arbitrary nature of linear time.
by sandrashine September 15, 2018
A 'manly' word to replace crush, however generally it means something more than just a crush would imply. While a crush could be either someone whom you simply think is attractive and could be someone like a celebrity and etc., this one solely relates to someone whom you've known and fallen for due to their personality.
Ex. "Who is the Subject?"
Ex. "Who's your Subject?"
"My Subject is Asuka Langley"
by Evangelion Fan 02 October 23, 2019
A topic of study which everyone thinks is useless.
Subjects and how they are useless:
Math-"Durr hurr. Math is useless because I'm never gonna be a mathematician/engineer/physicist/whatnot."

SOSE-"Durr hurr. SOSE is useless because I'm never gonna be a lawyer/politician/historian."

Science-"Durr hurr. Science is useless because I'll never be a doctor/physicist/geologist/whatnot."

Literature study-"Durr hurr. Literature study is useless because I'm never-Wait, what *is* literature study used for, anyway?"
by DoctorJohnSmith May 15, 2011
um, you'll have to define this for yourself.
subjectivity is a subjective and elusive concept.
by dblah August 7, 2004