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A blackhole that came from another one, (ie. clone blackhole).
'A mother blackhole cloned into two baby blackholes-one of which was a spawn blackhole and the other was the original one.'
by DianaLuciusDeCollis July 30, 2022
The single point (singularity), in the infinite empty dark void, 'Chaos' from which came The Big Bang; also whence the finite universe (a hyper-massive galaxy cluster, in Chaos) was born and spread.
'Some say that The Big Bang created a blackhole at the centre of the finite universe, which all the galaxies inside it orbit.'
by DianaLuciusDeCollis July 12, 2022
All the metaverses (metaphysical dimensions), in existence as whole.
'The multi-metaverse is the sum of all the metaverses, including alternate realities, spiritual realms and dimensions where fiction is reality.'

(Note: The multi-metaverse isn't to be confused with the multiverse. Please read my definition of the multiverse for more information).
by DianaLuciusDeCollis July 5, 2022
Trauma that someone carries from a traumatic event in their past-life, beyond death and into the afterlife or their next-life/lives.
'The Roman soldier had a terrible case of past-life trauma: He witnessed his fellow comrades being most brutally tortured by the vile barbarians, in the Teutoburg forest, at night-An event so traumatic that the memory of it was permanently engraved into his soul and he experienced symptoms of trauma, even throughout his next-life.'
by DianaLuciusDeCollis September 9, 2022
1. A Greek/Roman deity, (ie. god or goddess) of inspiration, arts, music, science &/or knowledge.

2. A metaphor for an inspirational person or one who inspired the works of others.
'The Greek Music God, Apollo is a male muse, because he inspires other's songs.'
by DianaLuciusDeCollis August 17, 2022
A pair of blackholes, which continously orbit each-other.
'In the infinite dark empty void, Chaos outside of the finite universe (the largest supercluster) is a binary blackhole: A blackhole continously dancing around each-other, along with countless other ones and which come from dead universes.'
by DianaLuciusDeCollis July 30, 2022
(aka. a metaverse)

A simulated dimension powered by the stars or a highly advanced super-computer, which many people can enter as conscious holograms.
'The gods could have been extraterrestrials who looked the same as the humans, as well as were so technologically advanced that they scientifically created their own matrix and lived in it as immortal conscious simulations.'
by DianaLuciusDeCollis August 21, 2022