The omniverse is ALL things existent in any dimension and universe in the entirety of what is.

Omniverse > Multiverse > Universe
God(if such thing exists) is an inhabitant of the omniverse.
by Omnisense December 24, 2010
Everything inside and outside of existence.
The omniverse is the unfathomable everything inside, as well as outside existence from all the atoms to beyond the edge of space, all dimensions/alternate realities and the sum of all the verses combined (the microverse, universe, multiverse, megaverse, metaverse, etc.).

(Note: The omniverse isn't to be confused with the universe. Please see my definition of the universe for more information).
by DianaLuciusDeCollis July 5, 2022
Omniverse is a finite collections of Universes.
Person 1: Unlike the Multiverse.

Person 2: Omniverse is finite.
by Kerria190 November 28, 2016
The unfathomable everything beyond the omniverse (all things inside & outside existence) and the edge of all space.
'If you travel beyond the edge of all space and everything in existence, you might arrive at the extra-omniverse: the unfathomable thing, outside of all that is.'

(Please read the definition of omniverse for more information).
by DianaLuciusDeCollis July 6, 2022