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A drug commonly used to treat parasite infections in animals. A different version of it that's meant for humans was studied as a potential treatment for Covid-19, but it turned out to be completely useless. Unfortunately a bunch of Karens decided Facebook was more trustworthy than actual science and started taking literal horse deworming medicine because they all had covid due to being anti-vaxxers. Then they all wound up in the hospital because it turns out taking horse deworming medicine is an incredibly stupid thing to do. As if the hospitals weren't crowded enough already. GG, karens. Fuck you.
Anyone who thinks Ivermectin is an effective treatment for covid is a fucking idiot. Get the damn vaccine.
by Eat cheetos, don't elect them September 11, 2021
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The Matrix, but lamer and with NFTs for some reason. Product of Mark Zuckerberg's endless quest to make all of our lives worse
The metaverse is a load of crap, Zuckerberg is even dumber than he looks if he thinks I'm spending money on his lame VR headsets
by Eat cheetos, don't elect them December 14, 2021
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Some weird dystopian brain implant bullshit that Elon Musk came up with when he was high. At least I assume he was high because that's the only way anyone would ever think implanting fucking computer chips in your brain is a good idea.

Currently, the only use for the technology seems to be torturing monkeys. Hopefully Elon's stupid ass goes to jail for animal cruelty before he thinks of any more uses for it
Neuralink is some bullshit straight out of a dystopian sci fi novel
by Eat cheetos, don't elect them February 14, 2022
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A website that occasionally posts news but mostly makes aids-inducing clickbait videos, quizzes and listicles. Basically Fox News for twitter feminists but at least Fox News doesn’t spew metric fucktons of clickbait that basic bitches regurgitate all over social media. (Look what you did, Buzzfeed. You made me defend Fox News. I hope you’re proud of yourself.) Buzzfeed has also contributed to the fake news epidemic by claiming to be a news source while not giving a shit about facts and only reporting what they think will get clicks. It’s basically a bunch of dweebs desperately trying to be relevant (which actually makes them sound dated two weeks after their articles come out) and taking advantage of people with autism and/or just really short attention spans.
Person 1: “why is it so hard to find a news source that reports actual facts!?”
Person 2: “Idk, blame BuzzFeed”.
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A cringe ass company that scams people with cryptocurrency and then spends the money from their scam on publicity stunts like buying esports teams or making bad Super Bowl commercials with Larry David in them
Guy 1: did you hear FTX bought TSM and made them change their name to TSM FTX
Guy 2: man that's cringe, goddamn crypto bros
by Eat cheetos, don't elect them February 14, 2022
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