Noun. An attack of the male reproductive organs, which are most often found within his briefs. Usually best delivered in a quick and surprising fashion. A form of payback, retribution or a desperate act of self-defense.
This mugger tried to take my purse today, but I just gave him a brief message and he left me alone.
by Godfree00000001 October 3, 2010
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Annoying pop-ups that frequently come on every 5 minutes
While I while cybering with someone, I got Message Service again!
by Kikaider June 26, 2003
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A noun

a text message composed and sent whilst simulaneously breast-feeding a newborn. Takes a considerable coordination and talent.
See: Breasxting
Phone Rings...
Husband: "It's your sister. She wants your chilli recipe."
Wife: "I can't come to the phone right now. Baby is eating. Tell her I'll send her a breasxt message."
by Denise Huxtable October 20, 2008
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To ask someone to send you a short SMS-type message from one mobile device to another. Telling a person to "message me" is the same as saying "text me", but sounds a lot cooler, and has a nicer ring to it.
Guy: "Message me when the movie is over and we'll connect over coffee."
Girl: "Will do!"
by marksuniverse May 1, 2013
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A situation in which a person is receiving verbal or nonverbal cues that seem to contradict each other, from another person. Typical reactions to this behavior are confusion, anger, and a willingness to cease communication with the person.
A friend tells you he wants to remain "just friends," and then proceeds to call you every day, text message you twice a day, and express how much he misses you on a regular basis.
by Matt April 9, 2005
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anything that sends you a message without your Knowledge of It, usuaLLy picked up on by your subconscious mind, oftEn ViolEnt thoughts, that can be left unhaRmed to slowly work its waY intO your brain. pEople rarely catch them, even when they are right in front of their eyes--more obvious than anything.
by garryp February 6, 2004
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When you're sending messages over MSN,Yahoo etc.
I was instant messaging that kid.
by Tokyo May 25, 2006
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