Invented by NBC's Chris Hansen himself, internet sex or 'cybering' if you will has became a key way to track online predators of all kinds.

It's a simple, and most easy way for people to have, a 'real sexual experience' in the comfort of their own computer.

Teen chat rooms have become the number one place to find people (of all ages) willing to cyber with others. Some cyber-er's enjoy it so much, that they even sometimes send pictures of their own genitals to their cyber partner during the conversation, just to give it a little more sizzling feel.

Cybering can be compared to porn, only you're actually interacting with a live person rather then to be watching pre-recorded films in with you have no control over.

Cybering takes place in teen chat rooms, aim, msn, skype and other online instant messaging programs like the ones listed above. With these programs you can connect webcams and even exchange voice clips to the person you're talking to. This sometimes brings us to the point where the two actually begin to arrange meetings in real life.

Cybering however, is a sad thing. Just like masturbation, addictive porn watching, and rape. BUT on the lighter side of these things, cybering could help keep a child molester off the streets.

Too bad these things only buy us time until predators take action.

On a closing note, you've been informed by a cyber expert *winks*
sexylittlebitch: heya bad boy
ron4flanders: hehe heya
ron4flanders: asl
sexylittlebitch: 16 f us
ron4flanders: mmm nice
sexylittlebitch: and fully developed. ;)
ron4flanders: mmm
ron4flanders: tell me more about that fully developed body
sexylittlebitch: hehe well imma 36c
ron4flanders: mmm thats hot
ron4flanders: can i c?
sexylittlebitch: sure
-sexylittlebitch sends file 'PIC0998.jpg'
ron4flanders: mmm baby girl ur tits are so hot
ron4flanders: i wanna fuck em with my dick
ron4flanders: im so hard
sexylittlebitch: mmmm im so wet bad boy hehe
sexylittlebitch: *gets on all 4's infront of you and removes your pants slowly unzipping them and slipping them off until i see your hard dick through your boxers*
ron4flanders: mmm fuck yeah girl
ron4flanders: im rubbing my dick nice and hard for you right now baby
ron4flanders: i want you to suck my dick real good baby
sexylittlebitch: hehe ok bad boy
sexylittlebitch: *i grab your dick and i slip it out of your boxers i start licking the tip like a little kitten while i stare up to you with my eyes*
sexylittlebitch: *then you take your hands and place them behind my head pushing my head towards your dick making me take all of your cock in my mouth*
ron4flanders: fuck yeah baby your so good dont stop
ron4flanders: im gunna cum soon baby girl open wide
sexylittlebitch: *i open my mouth really wide and you blow a full load of cum all over my face i lick it off with my fingers and swallow every last drop*
-ron4flanders sends file 'PIC8007.jpg'
sexylittlebitch: WOOW!1 your cock is so hard and big
sexylittlebitch: you came every where lulz
ron4flanders: hehe yeah you were amazing
ron4flanders: i say we meet so we could REALLY have fun hehe
ron4flanders: what do ya say?
sexylittlebitch: what do I say..
sexylittlebitch: i say
sexylittlebitch: IF YOU RESIST, WE WILL USE FORCE.
ron4flanders: oh my god
ron4flanders: im sorry please dont arrest me i didnt know she was 16
sexylittlebitch: Sir, that was one of the first things we've stated. And you still continued.
ron4flanders: no no i thought she said 18
ron4flanders: my comp is slow i didnt get the message right away
sexylittlebitch: We're sorry sir, but you sent pictures of your genitals to a minor, thats illegal. The Police are already on their way.
ron4flanders: holy fuck no please i have a family what will they do if they find out im the only one who has a job here i support us no one else if something happens to me my family will fall
ron4flanders: my wife is going to kill me im going to just kill myself now i swear to fucking god
ron4flanders: i have a gun in my hands tell teh police ill shoot myself if they arrest me
sexylittlebitch: That wont do you any good sir, if you care so much for your family then what are you doing talking/cybering to minors and planning on meeting them for sexual engagement then?
sexylittlebitch: and even worse, with a gun ready to shoot yourself.
ron4flanders: i dno man i i just get horny some times i wasnt planning on hurting her or anything
ron4flanders: my daughter said she liked it
ron4flanders: no shit i didnt say that
sexylittlebitch: Sir are you saying you've had sexual relations with your daughter??
sexylittlebitch: well??
ron4flanders: yes but she was 12 at the time
ron4flanders: please im sorry ill never do it again
sexylittlebitch: Im sorry to inform you but the Police have just reached your district.
ron4flanders: holy fuck im gonna kill myself
-ron4flanders has left this conversation*
by cybegod August 11, 2008
The act of cyber sex or any other lewd/perverse gestures such as flirting done over the internet. Usually on forums and chatboards.
"O god! they're cybering in public?! the indecency!"
by Konoka January 14, 2006
Online sex that loners engage in if they are too ugly and boring to get a real boyfriend/girlfriend.
Loner1: Hey wanna cyber?
Loner2: Sure, baby, let me virtually take my clothes off.
Loner1: This is so great.
by Ember November 11, 2003
Exchanging arousing words over an instant messenger, sometimes with the intent of getting each other off. Pictures and webcams are sometimes used.

Cybering's got a bad name. It's like porn, but you get to talk to the person! (quick, guilt-free, exciting, no strings attached, and you don't have to worry about calling anybody the next day)
"Remember, kids, the only 100% effective birth control is abstinence.......and CYBERING!"
"I love to cyber and show people my naked ass on the internet!"
by pdots April 9, 2007
1. a way for couples that are seperated by countries, states, cities, or even rooms to engage in sexual activity when they can't do it like normal people

2. something for literate people to jack off to
1. "Man, I miss my boyfriend so much, we're gonna cyber tonight and get off!"

2. Your words, they touch me so much I'm gonna cyber.
by lilmissbrassplayer June 16, 2008
1. Computer network: cyberspace
2. To have non-contact sexual oritentation through cyberspace with another
After connecting his computer to the *cyber* world, he was excited about *cyber*ing with a female in the Yahoo! chatrooms.
by Legato Bluesummers November 5, 2003
There are two definitions for this word.

1. To have sex using roleplay.
2. To have webcam sex.
Man: Hey baby...wanna cyber?
Lady: Ooh yeah baby! *Takes her clothes off*

Lady: Wanna cyber bigboy?
Man: Yeah, I just got my webcam. Let me strip my clothes and take pictures.
Lady: Ooh yeah!

by Crazyiness November 12, 2005