Just reward or punishment for actions done
The death penalty is a common form of retribution for murder
by shibata12 November 28, 2007
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the act of shitting on someone or on their property in order to get revenge.
Hey, last night in sneaked into my ex-girlfriends house and shit in her clothes hamper.
Wow, that's what I call fecal retribution.
by dmetz October 18, 2010
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The act of a person defecating on another's penis immediately after they are sodomized.
"It went really well until I got some tainted retribution"

"My boyfriend really wanted to try butt sex for the longest time, so to turn him off from it I gave him a tainted retribution the first time we did it"
by ash0ka March 08, 2009
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A retribution car is the vehicle you buy after your original car has been taken away/sold without your approval (for example: your original car was taken in a divorce settlement or was sold by a co-signer). The retribution car is a better, saucier, or somehow sassier vehicle than the original.
Bridget: My dad was an a-hole and sold my super cute 2004 carolla without my permission!

Eden: Oh my god! What did you do?

Bridget: I bought an even cuter 1987 2-door BMW in amazing condition. I paid in full so the title is in my name and sent him some pics of the new vehicle.

Eden: Nice retribution car!
by gahana October 17, 2006
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The name of the sex act in which a woman is on top of her male partner, then as she climaxes she punches him in the nose, yells "Unicorn Laser Beam" and then uses the blood to draw a unicorn horn on his head.
I found out he was cheating, so I Bloody Retributioned his ass... the picture's on my fridge. Don't you just love unicorns?
by angelicacharisma May 07, 2012
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A airsoft team that that the leader doesn’t give a fuck about there team and could care less about his friends and the fold under pressure 100% of the time
Team retribution is a doodoo team and folds to anything or anyone that challenges them
by Daddy speedsofter January 11, 2021
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