Hiroshima was payback for Pearl Harbor.
Did she really just say that?
by Daydreamishly February 18, 2009
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1.) revenge

2.) a groovy funk song by james brown
yo he should not have messed with james brown he is got The payback
by zippo from goshen August 3, 2010
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retribution, repremanding, punshment for harm to someone else
by Light Joker November 19, 2006
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PAYBACK- The dead possum that was flung through the sunroof of your best friends car that now sits in your lap.
by ReRe888 June 1, 2011
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Something that appears to be good but then becomes dissapointing in the final result. Originating from Need for speed payback.
I wish this Christmas will be exciting. Last year as a fucking payback!
Don’t worry it will get better.
by Justicewithtacosandweed January 20, 2020
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The Apostle of Payback — the sobriquet of Vladimir Putin given by Bill Burns, CIA boss.

When asked if Putin ever forgave anyone, Burns famously replied: “Yes, but not of everything.”

Many people who have opposed or humiliated Putin have died under “mysterious circumstance”.

The latest “fatality” is Wagner Group Leader Yevegney Prigozhin. On August 23rd 2023 a plane Prigozhin was on “fell out of the sky” killing everyone on board.

Revenge is a dish best served.


And, revenge is a dish best served ice cold.

Prigozhin’s plane “fell out of the sky” two months to the day from when he marched on Moscow in an apparent protest of the way the Ukrainian conflict was going. It was humiliating to Putin and the world took notice.

But, exactly two months later Putin said both “hold my vodka” and “ALLOW ME TO RETORT MOTHERFUCKER!!!!”

Game. Set. Match. Putin.

For now.
Vladimir Putin is the The Apostle of Payback; he may forgive; but, he never forgets. The man is like a Black Parent!!!!!
by Mind Hunter the Profiler August 24, 2023
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