Hiroshima was payback for Pearl Harbor.
Did she really just say that?
by Daydreamishly February 18, 2009
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PAYBACK- The dead possum that was flung through the sunroof of your best friends car that now sits in your lap.
by ReRe888 May 31, 2011
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Something that appears to be good but then becomes dissapointing in the final result. Originating from Need for speed payback.
I wish this Christmas will be exciting. Last year as a fucking payback!
Don’t worry it will get better.
by Justicewithtacosandweed January 19, 2020
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When a person wrongs you and its time for them to get a taste of their own medicine !
Dave-Why you so happy today?

Jim-I got back at my neighbor for letting his dog shit in my yard for years,I took all the dog shit from the winter and put it in a bag put it on his porch lit it on fire rang the bell and watched him stomping it out in his socks getting shit everywhere It was AWESOME!

Dave-Paybacks a bitch!
by troubleddemon March 12, 2010
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