A large and pretentious house, typically
of shoddy construction, typical of "upscale" suburban developments in the late
20th and early 21st centuries. Such houses
are characterized by steep roofs of complex design, theatrical entrances, lack of stylistic integrity and backsides which are
notably less fussy than their fronts. They are often placed closely together to maximize the developer's profits and appeal to people who value perceived social status over actual, physical, economic or historic value.
Although Nancy is just a school teacher,
she mortgaged herself up to her neck to
buy a new McMansion on Woodbridge Road Court in Clayton Hills Valley Estates at North Pine River Hollow Meadows.
by Cireel Wittsberg November 16, 2004
Bland, tasteless and generic - much like the food served at McDonalds.

Houses tend to be crammed together to maximize profits for developers. Only three people occupy at house with 5 bathrooms and enough garage space to hold a 737. Owners tend to be yuppies or yuppie wannabes.
McMansion - We can't find Mimi's house because they all look same
by glum68 August 12, 2008
A giant, ugly immitation-mansion house. No, wait, it doesn't deserve to be called a house. It's fast food in house form. In the 1990s, they began popping up in suburban housing developments, each lawn usually perfectly landscaped. That and the ugly poorly built fairy-tale castles make those developments look too much like Disney Land. The worst part is that they're taking over America, because every new house built, no matter what the style, looks like a McMansion.
My friend moved into a McMansion yesterday. I can't understand why.
by TyroneDaPussyEater June 28, 2010
Those nausiating large suburban homes that are built from cookie-cutters that seem to pop up everywhere like McDonald's restraunts.
Chris lives over in those new McMansions.
by natalia October 30, 2001
An obscenely large home (usually of at least 3,000 square feet) in suburban America that is almost too big for its use; cheaply built from the inside out; require constant maintanence; stacked so close together in cookie cutter housing developments that you can hear your neighbor on the john; owned and occupied by pretentious, superficial people who care more about materialism and perceived status than actual value, and spend 14 hours six days a week working to pay off the over-inflated mortgage and have no time to spend with each other and experience life for what it is meant to be. The owners literally work themselves to death to pay the mortgage, who also probably struggle to pay off their 20 credit cards and SUV, but don’t have any other time to live a normal life and experience what life is all about. Despite their obscene size, they are occupied by mostly an empty nest couple who think they need like 5 bedrooms and a 3-car garage. They are built by mostly greedy developers who cram as many homes they can for profit.

But things are changing for the McMansion. They are being built less frequently and becoming less necessary as the size of the average American household declines, as the populations ages, and as the economy and housing market go to the dogs. Simply put, McMansions will soon be a thing of the past as people lose their jobs, money, life savings and everything else. In my opinion McMansions represent waste, greed, materialism and comformity, and are also probably one of the reasons the third world and even some ‘rich’ countries hate us.
The McMansion is the epitome of waste in America, and is nothing more than a status symbol for many pretentious suburban Americans who work to death trying to pay the mortgage and keep up with the Jones'.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com July 18, 2009
badly proportioned pastiches of different styles, some are built with attention to detail and materials. But, as the epithet McMansion suggests, they’re just too big—for their lots, for their neighborhoods and for the number of people who actually live in them.
'The main locale for The OC are the McMansions'
by sh February 11, 2005
a house that has been super sized
I used to lice in a shack but ever since I added those thirteen extra rooms, I live in a mcmansion.
by sarcomax January 21, 2003