1) A very extraordinary hacker who gets paid to do absolutely nothing such as website/ftp exploitation, social engineering, and opticle cryptography processing. See Cam0.

2)To assign the highest importance to.

3)The best.

4)Sometimes Maximize is spelled "Maxamize", when this occurs it is recognized as a flaw to one's spelling, but to hackers it is encouraged as a "1337" way of talking especially when you are referring to MX from the AOL Scene.

5)A computer/graphics mastermind. See Mx also.
- OMG, Maximize. Can you please hack me a website, perferably AOL?

- “the ideal of maximizing opportunity through the equalizing of educational opportunity” (Robert J. Havighurst)"

- I need to Maximize my graphics so I can get more hits on my website! Oh, MX will you develop these images for me?!?
by MX April 28, 2005
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Maxime is an Amazing Girl. She is really beautiful and pretty. When you can make her Smile and See her laugh iT will Just make you Happy. Even If she has demonic black eyes, there is a Spark in her eyes that you will Love to Look at. She has also a lot of Talents but she doesnt even know about that. Although she can really eat a lot but is also a very picky eater.

Next to all of her Talents she is really ambitious. She Always wants to win and will try everything to Beat the Shit Out of you. IT doesnt Matter If you are a friend or an enemy but dont worry she mostly loses all of her Bets.

Likewise it must to bei mentioned that she Loves to read. She can read a Lot of books and can also read a Lot of books at the Same time but It Is mostly Literature for Teenagers.

In the beginning it can feel Like she is shy and Reserved however dont be deceived by that. She can really Talk a Lot and you can have incredible conversations with her.

She also can be very mean and quick-witted plus she is an absolutely over thinker.

In Addition to that she is also a great lovely friend that you can depend on. You can Trust her your Secrets and she will be Always there For her Friends.

Besides that she is really multifaceted and spontanous. Besides that she knows how to dress and loves fashion.

She Loves to Take a Shit and Talk about that. The Toilette ist her Thronet. And if Orlando bloom would call her and ask her out she would instantly leave everything behind and get away with him.
Maxime owe me a Mattress
by LitKikClitFliK November 30, 2021
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Maxim is a guy who is very sweet and cute all the girls want him but only one person gets him he loves that person to death and never want to let them go. He is the most amazing person you will ever meet and he care a lot about his friends and family and he is very smart and will do great in life and everyone loves him
Maxim the best
by 32hey May 13, 2019
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a popular Belgian/French name given to good looking, smart, talented, and classy boys generally with good tastes in music.
The exchange student Maxime is so cool, I will miss him when he is gone.
by b0nez13 March 22, 2007
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Someone that is very smart but does not express it, possibly because of laziness or devotion to a personal hobby. Maxime leaves chances of success aside when they simply don't feel like it.
Student 1: I think I failed that math test, if only I was as smart as Maxime.

Student 2: Actually Maxime didn't do so well either because he didn't study what so ever.
by sheepylolz December 17, 2018
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Any art movement characterized by a boundless devotion to embellishment, elaboration, complexity, palimpsest, and T-shirts that are sorta hard to read. Overlaps with so-called grunge styles.
My mom made me shop at the Gap all my life. Now that I'm on my own, I've rejected Functional Minimalism. Instead I choose the path of Maximalism, as you can tell from the calligraphic skulls all over this copy of "Beautiful Decay." Wanna see my inkblot doodles?
by rainbow coma February 06, 2009
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One who is very practical and seemingly stoic but unknown to many outsiders has a very sensitive disposition. Maxims are composed of a rare mixture of professionalism and fratitude, often glorified by their male peer base for outrageous behavior and profound judgments. Maxims are adored by many female admirers due to their great backsides and choice of cologne. If you are ever caught alone with a Maxim and he orders you the atrocious fire, you can guarantee it's love.
Don't ever look a Maxim in the eye when you are about to challenge his authority.
by Chelzeann July 31, 2013
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