2 definitions by Cireel Wittsberg

A large and pretentious house, typically
of shoddy construction, typical of "upscale" suburban developments in the late
20th and early 21st centuries. Such houses
are characterized by steep roofs of complex design, theatrical entrances, lack of stylistic integrity and backsides which are
notably less fussy than their fronts. They are often placed closely together to maximize the developer's profits and appeal to people who value perceived social status over actual, physical, economic or historic value.
Although Nancy is just a school teacher,
she mortgaged herself up to her neck to
buy a new McMansion on Woodbridge Road Court in Clayton Hills Valley Estates at North Pine River Hollow Meadows.
by Cireel Wittsberg November 16, 2004
A term used to describe architectural works built after the mid-20th century which fail to adhere to conventional and historic precedent in terms of design integrity, scale, proportion, physical compostition and stylistic competence. "Architorture" is commonly found in contemporary "upscale" suburban developments (see McMansion). Commercial strips, which rely upon visual imagery to lure drivers traveling at a fast clip, provide especially choice examples of the genre.
The CEO's home, with its garish faux-stucco facade, pretentious columns and glassy two-story entrance foyer, is the sort of architorture best suited for Republican fund-raising events.
by Cireel Wittsberg November 16, 2004