a) a confection made from almonds and sugar, used in baking or shaped, good dusted with cocoa
b) a fairylike character from the Nutcracker Suite
c) Homestar Runner's tofu-eating, overbearing, folk guitar-playing, houseplant-resurrecting girlfriend who resembles an elongated pink nipple in a bell-shaped purple skirt, topped by an "I Dream of Jeannie" ponytail.
The chocolate covered marzipan is fucking incredible.
The ballerina playing Marzipan was pretty.
"I didn't want to kill my pumpkin, so I left it on the vine. I even wrote a song about it: I left it on the vine, I left it on the vine..."
by no-one of consequence November 13, 2003
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1. A sweet confection that mostly comes with cakes and other such pastries, made of almonds, egg whites, sugar and sometimes chocolate, often molded into decorative shapes.
2. A standalone female character of the animated series "Homestar Runner" who resembles a finger with a face painted on it, or an earthworm with a blonde ponytail.
1. Marzipans are yummy.
2. Marzipan is a pretty vegetarian girl who likes to play the guitar.
by Josh Tejada December 17, 2003
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Homestar's fiercely indepent and slightly overbearing girlfriend. She qualifies as 'pretty' in Homestar's country., and she likes animals, especially cats and dogs, but it makes her sad when cats and dogs are in the same room together. She has a guitar called Carol, which she plays without her hands, since she has none. She resembles a bell or a mop.
"Marzipan, I don't think anyone's coming to your party..." Homestar.
by Chris M July 23, 2003
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Homestar's hippie girlfriend. Has not the intelligence to distinguish between Homestar and a crude model of him made of tofu.
by Upsilon July 19, 2003
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A delicious almond-flavoured dessert. Often shaped into things like fruit, pigs, and the like. Has a somewhat paste-like texture.
Mm, this raspberry-marzipan tart is absolutely scrumptious!
by Nemuko June 11, 2003
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Homestar's girlfriend! She's kind of annoying and overbearing...She and homestar are one hot item when she says they are!
There was a bird, a really cute bird, a really really really cute bird!
by coolpersonyo August 27, 2003
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Marzipan, a term used to describe the taste of lesbian pussy, as opposed to regular pussy, which everyone knows tastes like a Terry's chocolate orange.
Dylan: Hey Siobhan what did you eat last night?

Siobhan: I was going to have Marzipan but Clara ate it all.

Clara: And it was good shit!
by siodyl October 9, 2010
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