siobhán is perfection. the ultimate in all qualities!gorgeous, sweet, loving, caring, completely wonderful. my best friend very nice, smart, pretty, athletic....

in 1 word - perfect .The most beautiful, passionate, loving, and caring woman in the world.
She is literal the most beautiful girl in the world.

She is my one true love and I love her with all my heart :3
Siobhan is perfection :3
by RavenHunetxx22 August 23, 2014
The most beautiful, passionate, loving, and caring woman in the world. When Siobhan walks in the room, everyone looks her way. She reeks of confidence and sass....other women need not apply.
Oh Siobhan, your amaze balls!!
by sexy mamah's man November 23, 2013
A girl with the most amazing eyes. She is curvy and has a figure the girls would die for and boys go head over heals for, she has thick thighs a thin waist but the biggest boobs and batty ive ever seen :O All Siobhan's have amazing personalities in which you can talk to days on end with out getting bored. And she lights up a room when she walks in. A girl of good character, trustworthy and a person you'll never forget. BUT so damn hard to get
Guy 1: Just talked to Siobhan, i think im in love with her.

Guy 2: Ah who isnt, but dream on she is way to hard to get.
by oohhhlalala August 16, 2011
sexy smart classy hot amazing
One with long dark hair who blows all the other girls out of the water. This girl makes all the other girls look like men. She's a laugh, she's smart, she's hot as hell and you'll never find another girl like her!
Wow, I agree that girl is hot but she's no Siobhan!

by Lolitabambina September 1, 2008
The greatest girl in the world, the best girlfriend I even hope to have, and someone who I can't live without. Increadibly beautiful and perfect.
Siobhan is the greatest girl in the world, hands down.
by Chrostek August 23, 2006
Is a nice, brown haired, brown eyes, curvy, big boobies and big ass. She loves listening to music and is really good at art an amazing sister who is grumpy most of the time but when she talks she is okay.. she isn’t very sociable and sticks with her friend group. She doesn’t talk much even at home. She is like a cuddly teddy bear but has an asswhole sense of humour

Siobhan is a sexy man , who is a piece of snot that tastes so nice, you want to eat her all up
Naomi: OMG is that a turd-burglar?
Kasia: oh yeah thats Siobhan
by A bean bag April 9, 2020
The love of Aaron's life. The figure he cannont stop thinking about on a daily basis. The person whom Aaron plans on spending the rest of his life with.
Aaron (to friend)"Siobhan is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me."
Friend "I agree, she is quite amazing."
by AaronK January 30, 2006