12 definitions by no-one of consequence

a) a confection made from almonds and sugar, used in baking or shaped, good dusted with cocoa
b) a fairylike character from the Nutcracker Suite
c) Homestar Runner's tofu-eating, overbearing, folk guitar-playing, houseplant-resurrecting girlfriend who resembles an elongated pink nipple in a bell-shaped purple skirt, topped by an "I Dream of Jeannie" ponytail.
The chocolate covered marzipan is fucking incredible.
The ballerina playing Marzipan was pretty.
"I didn't want to kill my pumpkin, so I left it on the vine. I even wrote a song about it: I left it on the vine, I left it on the vine..."
by no-one of consequence November 12, 2003
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a low-grade exotic dancer, usually not the most attractive dancer in the establishment, who performs for the hung-over, non-tipping patrons during morning hours.
The burnt-out, stretch-marked alcoholic can barely afford her skanky clothes with the meager wages of her a.m. stripper job.
by no-one of consequence November 13, 2003
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Song by Stinky Whizzleteats, in the Ren and Stimpy episope with the Happy Helmet. Also the mating call of the crocostimpy. See: ren and stimpy
"I TOLD YOU I'D SHOOT! BUT YOU DIDN'T BELEIVE ME! WHY DIDN'T YOU BELIEVE ME! Happy, happy, joy, joy, happy, happy, joy, joy...."
by no-one of consequence November 13, 2003
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Who's got the sweetest disposition? One guess, that's who. Who never ever starts an argument, who never shows a bit of temperment? Who's never wrong, but always right? Who'd never dream of starting a fight? Who gets stuck with all the bad luck?
Donald Duck always gets screwed over by his friends and relatives.
by no-one of consequence November 13, 2003
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intensely negative term which may be used to define a person, event, condition, object, or almost any noun. Something that sucks immensely. In extreme cases, the speaker may say, "leaves no goat unblown."
a)QT is a fine director, but his acting blows goats.
b)$42.50 for one-day admission?!?!?!!! That blows goats!
c)Saddam Hussein leaves no goat unblown.
by no-one of consequence November 12, 2003
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a) Self-righteous, irksome, delusional person who is infused with religous vanity and is prone to annoy others with their judgmental attitude.
b) person who is convinced he/she is going to heaven, despite the fact that he/she sucks to no end.
c) poor selection for a lover or roommate.
If I hear any more sermons from that friggin' biblethumper, I'm going to kick his self-righteous, unemployed ass right out of my apartment.
by no-one of consequence November 12, 2003
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n. The propensity of a female to physically abuse a male companion, (i.e: husband or boyfriend)named for the vocalist/actress Liza Minelli, who allegedly battered her husband.
v. The act of physically abusing or assaulting a male companion.
If you don't take her out on your anniversary, she'll give you a taste of her liza minelli.

The source of his bruises was obvious: he had been liza minellied by his girlfriend.
by no-one of consequence November 23, 2003
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