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someone who is very demanding of one's time and efforts
Mary is overbearing according to her daughter's rights to have more personal freedom.
by Gerard Irick January 18, 2010
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When someone calls you "overbearing". That means you're controlling, and possessive .
Boy 1: Jake is a grown man, yet his mom still has to know his every move.
Boy 2: That's because his mom is overbearing.
by Crimson1981 September 07, 2018
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The act of butt raping a bear. First you crawl up silently, and then unsuspectingly you take off your pants fast and jump on the bear in just the right place to insert your "Richard".
Bob: Mkay, Johnny, getcha "Richard" out this is one big bear.
Johnny: Really Papa? This one is mine.
Bob: I've taught'cha well son in bed, now its time to take it to the field, now you be overbearing that bear right now!
by SurelynotCraig April 08, 2009
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a certain situation in which a bear(any type) picks up overshield and goes on a tear destroying any and all competitors
Scube Steve: Dude that bear is on a f**king tear!
Andrew: Yea, he must have picked up overshield, hes so overbearing
by idlenade December 09, 2011
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