The main character of that has a speech inpediment that does not allow him to say "r" properly. He has no arms, wears a red t-shirt with a star on it, and has long legs that appear to end in white shoes with blue bottoms. He is also bleach white with an underbite and black eyes. He wears a beanie cap with a propeller on it, in which he has installed hydraulics, a light, and a song that plays whenever the propellor is spun. Homestar Runner is a teriffic athlete and has a girlfriend named Marzipan, who also has no arms. He lives in Free Country, USA, possibly in the black area on the right of Strong Bad's email answering space. He is not intelligent, but he is in a constant state of bliss, and has never truly been cruel to anyone. Almost everything he says is pure gold.
"I'm Homestaw Wunnow, and this is a website!"-Homestar Runner
by dpo June 21, 2004
A pale faced, slow- thinking, but loveable creature who wears a beanie and red shirt with a star on it. Known for his speech impediment, love for melonade, and acting in a Fluffy Puff Marshmallows commercial. See also Marzipan, Strong Bad, and somebody get this freaking duck away from me
Example: Homestar Runner says "Welcome to Homestar Wunner dot net. 'It's dot com!'"
by Nicolle August 9, 2003
Central character of White armless guy with a speech impediment and a slow wit who nonetheless dates the only girl and has the only propeller cap. Constant victim of Strong Bad and The Cheat. Known for obsessing over Fluffy Puff Marshmallows, Melonade, Mountain Dew, and the witch's brew.
"So what's the W stand fow? Witch's bwew?"

"Befowe I dwink a taww gwass of Mewonade, I wike to eat about a hundwed an' fowty-seven Fwuffity Puffity Mawshalades!"

"Hey Stwong Bah, can I bowwow youw fondue pot?"
by Wubbzy February 11, 2004
The no-armed, white, bald, humorous star of a website sharing his name. Usually not intelligent, he has been proven to outsmart his arch-nemesis strong bad on few occasions.
"What!? What the crap just happened? Is it possible I was just outsmarted by Homestar Runner!?" - StrongBad

StrongBad: "So hang on hang on hang on....Let me get this straight. You're betting me that you're cool"
Homestar: "Yep I'm cool."
StrongBad: "And if you're not cool, you have to change you're name to Keven DuBrow...but if you are cool, I have spend the night at the King of Town's?"
Homestar: "That's the deal man. The total deal."
StrongBad: "You're going down, son."
Homestar: "No way man."
StrongBad: "Okay. Let's see you be cool."
Homestar dons a pair of sunglasses.
Homestar: "S'up."
StrongBad: "Ohhhh crap!"
by Walker-san March 2, 2004
Homestar runner is the main character of, he looks like a guy without arms who is white all over, wearing a red shirt with a star on it and a helicopter hat,he also has a serious speech impediment, he is stupid, but his stupidity often works well for him, he has a rival strongbad and a girlfriend marzipan he lives in free town- USA near prance, he is one of the coolest characters on the site aswell and his site is hilarious.
Homestar:Now class, i will show you how to make a wet computer out of strongbads computer, first, take some mountain dew, then apply liberally....

He pours mountain dew over strongbads computer

After a little wait

Woah this sodas like never ending
(singing)neeveer ending soodaa
by Kash August 20, 2004
A cool character off is white, wears a beanie, shirt w/ a star on it, and has no arms and is a terrific athlete. Borrows fondue sets and has a baseball bat headed girlfriend named marzipan.
Has a speech impediment and is annoying and funny all at the same time.
Flagrant error! I don't know what you did, but you sure messed it up you moron. Uh Oh! This does not look good for the homestarrunner.
by lazyassloser April 16, 2004
1. A very terrific athlete.
2. Fluffy puff marshmallow spokesman.
3. Proprieter of, and the lesser known, ITS DOT COM!
4. Lover of Marzipan, Melonade, and flushy-push marshmallows.
5. Enemy of strong bad.
6. He who speaks with a lisp, wheres a helicopter beanie, has a large overbite, and does not wear pants.
hello, I'm Homestar Runner, and this is a website!
by Jason Osborne August 9, 2003