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An academic label for someone who adheres to the theories, or methods, of Karl Marx, who proved that society can be studied by science. The term is confused by a lot ignorant asshats who are unable to parse Marxism from small 'c' communism; the latter being a very specific type of society, whereas Marxism is more a way of understanding how the world is shaped by material conditions and the imperatives of class power, which are the real motor forces of history.
Marxists are defined by the methods they use to analyze society and develop systematic conceptualizations of its contradictory features, not by a strict political doctrine as is often believed.
by trotskyite November 15, 2006
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Similar to a wife as they both want you to work your ass off to pay their bills while telling you how you are oppressing them.
You see that bum on welfare with the Che shirt, yeah he is a real Marxist. His revolution is against earning his own way.
by Chez Guevara July 10, 2008
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adj. common term used to describe someone who does not believe what you believe. Note: most abusers of this never read anything by Karl Marx (save maybe his propoganda script) so they generally have no idea what he is all about.
I am tired of that Marxist never agreeing with me. I mean, i am Glenn Beck, and i never went to school, but all my ideas are grand and spectactular.
by rebirth of keynes February 01, 2010
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1. An ideology that advocates mass murder in the name of social justice, autocracy in the name of democratic fairness, slave labour camps in the name of proletarian liberation, a rigid social caste system in the name of a classless society, and general social destitution in the name of material prosperity
2. A proto-Nazi
"Marxists explain that the Vietnamese Empire was forced to annex Cambodia to save it from their Khmer Rouge allies, but I still don't get why they had to annex Laos as well."
by DrCruel December 28, 2005
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