To break down into its constituents parts and examine them; determine meaning from
Our detective has gone to analyze the crime scene
by goodvibesgoogooogg April 03, 2017
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Kate: Damn Jack, when are you going to analyze me?
by SpaghettiDude April 16, 2020
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the optic organs deep within the anal cavity, which allow you to perform your own personal colonoscopy.
he used his analyze instead of a shaving mirror to see for himself what a flaming fart looks like.
by Paul July 27, 2004
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A close and thorough inspection of the anal cavities of one or another's. Skilled professional take years of dedicated research of perfecting the art of searching for particles within this mysterious region of the body. A minimum of 4 years in an actual analvity (scientific short-hand for anal cavity) is required to gain proper certification.
Mr. Jones spent 4 years at South Harmon Institute for Technology in careful and proper analyzation of alpha-beta v. brown particles in the public analvity.
by Prof. Bart Barkinson December 02, 2015
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Adding the word "anal" to the beginning of any car model.
Dude, it's a long drive. Commence analyzing. Check out that anal ranger coming up on the left.
by Analizer September 19, 2009
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a queer who likes to penetrate male anus
the analyzer analyzer the other faggot
by vladimir April 17, 2004
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analyzed meaning ass raped bummed locked downdnt need 2 say ne more
il analyze you if u dnt shut up

dat cunt got analyzed... :D
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