(n.) The act of fucking your partner while shocking him/her with a tazer. This usually results in seizure-like convulsions during intercourse.
I was giving my girlfriend the seizure last night, and all of a sudden, she became epileptic.
by Greg6857 January 23, 2007
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It is the attack of illness that has taken the life of a forever legend. He went by Juice wrld.
1st) So I heard the legend had a seizure.
by WhatchaKnowAboutIt December 9, 2019
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What happens when everything goes black and then you wake up near some random people (remember stranger, danger).
1st) So I had a seizure.
2nd) Then what?

1st) Idk what happened, dumbass.
by Finalpoet June 9, 2018
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1. seizure
when a person's brain waves send extra electric signals to their nerves, causing uncontrollable spastic motions.

2. seizure
when the police come and take stuff from your house.
1. That guy wearing the helmet just had a seizure .

2. the fourth amendment protects us from illegal search and seizure .
by scoty February 13, 2006
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Roman emperor.

Used in place of the word Caesar due to people's inability to pronounce.

Julius Seizure proclaimed 'I came, I saw, I conquered!! '
by ZCMC March 11, 2009
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what it looks like when you dance to dubstep
"whoa dude are you having a seizure!?"
"no im doing the dubstep dance womp womp womp" (^'.')^
by khzdw February 19, 2012
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having a seizure
he's seizuring!
by billbuffet August 22, 2008
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