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very stupid, idiotic, racist people
Those trump supporters are bitching about being called racist
by rebelsavage101 December 04, 2017
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Person who believes anything that they see on Facebook or Fox News that has to do with politics. Usually redneck, and have a giant pickup truck to compensate for something.

Thinks guns are completely safe, but usually complains that healthcare will destroy us all.

Has an American Flag on everything they own
That person is so gullible, they can easily be compared to a Trump Supporter.
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by Mbiggz June 05, 2017
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Use your calculated IQ to find your intelligence ranking

150+: Fucking nerd
130-150: The comic-con convention is to your left.
110-130: Don't even bother trying to get that promotion.
90-110: Fuck school, get money, amirite?
70-90: WHAS DAT YOU WANNA LOLLIPOP OH YES YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
50-: Congratulations! You just won a $5000 scholarship to Trump University! There you will learn all kinds of useless shit like all the rest of you Trump supporters!
by Father Abraham II May 22, 2017
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People that voted for an idiot who doesnt care about women or this country
Trump supporters are idiots
by Ghost of KT November 21, 2016
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A Trump supporter is 99.999% white person (mostly uneducated) Who hate Obama for "Obama care" when they really have a racial problem with African americans
"What in tar'nation !! Put Hillary in jail!!" Trump supporters : build that wall!
by King.Kold February 03, 2017
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1. A gullible person who is a used car salesmans dream. They gain 100% of their knowledge from main stream media and social media memes. They do not research facts or care about integrity/honor.

2. They believe whatever they are told and are easy captive of corporate propaganda or main stream media. Even the most obvious lies will be taken as truth if said in a confident fashion or if it is televised. Also gain their miss information from roomers instead of scientific facts.

3. Any logical statement or facts supporting truth will be met with illogical fear mongering and regurgitated propaganda. Generally racist and instantly recognizably by the dead zombie look in their eye. They should be avoided at all costs.
That guy is dumb as a rock. Must be a Trump Supporter.

That person has done 0 research on the subject they are preaching about. Must be a Trump Supporter
by LiquidThoughtsG April 01, 2016
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Imagine a double wide trailer with tin foil on the Windows, trucks in the front yard, and a rebel flag flying in the grass.
"Dang, Carlos, you don't need to be driving to that part of wouldn't want to run into a Trump Supporter.

"You're right, man..they'll start talking about that building a wall bullshit. I ain't going back to Mexico"
by chunky&funky October 17, 2016
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