verb. to actively comprehend, to make sense of. To understand as a result of effort, as opposed to understanding intuitively. A derivative of the computer and linguistics term "parse," to analyze data or a sentence for structure, content, and meaning. Most frequently used in parody of a hypothetical error message generated by a computer that was fed nonsensical data, eg, "Does Not Parse."
She obviously had no idea what I was talking about. She just kept staring at me blankly, like 'does... not... parse...'
by awibs June 13, 2010
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To elaborate on a certain word(s). To explain a term away gramatically.
Brutha: "Fo shizzle my hizzle nizzle bizzle"
Me: "Parse away some of those izzles you fucking nigger!"
by Psychic Fat Man October 15, 2003
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System.out.println("Weapon Choice:");
weapon = Integer.parseInt(Input.readLine());
by LarstaiT November 04, 2003
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Any adjective, ever.
Stemming from the term "Parser" which is a computer term.
You can effectively place parse in any sentence, in place of any adjective.
I can't wait get home to parse this big mac.

I would totally parse her all around town.

(When explaining your plans for the day) Does that.. parse?
by disco/lemonade May 20, 2009
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(Verb) 1. A lull in conversation (usually conference calls, video chats, or other group meeting scenarios) due to technical difficulties.

2. An excuse from participating in unsavory recreational activities that are technologically driven.
Sorry for parsing just now, IT doesn’t have their shit together.

No Denise, I can’t spotify and sidehug because my (insert technical device here) is parsing.
by Tricountytreecare April 18, 2019
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When something interferes with personal glory. For example, when attempting a upper percentile video game damage parse (and succeeding) and something interferes with it and the parse ends. Other examples: you ignore game mechanics and die during the attempt; someone else ignores game mechanics and you die during the attempt; or someone doesn't hit "Ready" before the pull. Origin: Edamame Enterprises Raid Team on the Aerie Peak Server of the World of Warcraft.
I was going to parse and died because he ignored the mechanics, Mah Parse!
by Vuro98 July 04, 2017
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