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verb. to actively comprehend, to make sense of. To understand as a result of effort, as opposed to understanding intuitively. A derivative of the computer and linguistics term "parse," to analyze data or a sentence for structure, content, and meaning. Most frequently used in parody of a hypothetical error message generated by a computer that was fed nonsensical data, eg, "Does Not Parse."
She obviously had no idea what I was talking about. She just kept staring at me blankly, like 'does... not... parse...'
by awibs June 13, 2010
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To elaborate on a certain word(s). To explain a term away gramatically.
Brutha: "Fo shizzle my hizzle nizzle bizzle"
Me: "Parse away some of those izzles you fucking nigger!"
by Psychic Fat Man October 15, 2003
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System.out.println("Weapon Choice:");
weapon = Integer.parseInt(Input.readLine());
by LarstaiT November 04, 2003
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Any adjective, ever.
Stemming from the term "Parser" which is a computer term.
You can effectively place parse in any sentence, in place of any adjective.
I can't wait get home to parse this big mac.

I would totally parse her all around town.

(When explaining your plans for the day) Does that.. parse?
by disco/lemonade May 20, 2009
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