What a communist calls communism when they dont want to admit to being a communist.
Janie: lmao, jim your sucha commie (:
by Whateveren May 18, 2008
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A pyramid scheme masquerading as a quasi-sociopolitical economic theory, first developed from the various writings of Karl Marx and Friederich Engels, and later embellished upon by intellectual luminaries such as Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Josef Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and Che Guevara. Often Marxists will attempt to misrepresent their system of ideas as something "progressive"; in truth the system in practice most resembles a form of secular feudalism.
Marxist societies, being in essence kleptocratic in form, invariably fail once the economy of the nation so ruled has been bled white. Thereafter such a failed nation is said by Marxists to have been instead an example of some form of proto-fascism; terms such as "Proletarian Bonapartism", "state capitalism", and other such equivalent nonsense. The equivalent is for Nazis to claim that a true fascist state has never existed, that detractors ought to read Mein Kampf to get the true story of what Nazism is truly about, etc (see David Irving).

A common misconception Marxists like to spread is that their system of economic and social management is codified in texts by Marx/Engels, such as Das Kapital. If one takes the time to read such texts, it becomes readily clear that not only are they woefully out of date (referring to issues that were important in the 19th century), but that for the most part the analyses the theory is based on is mostly utter nonsense (see "labour theory of value"). In actual practice both the analyses and theoretical applications of Marxism are meant for people at the bottom of the pyramid scheme to absorb; those at the top use the theory to justify mass thievery, mass murder and class genocide.

Marxism as a theory is a precursor to fascism and, later, Nazism. The key difference between these two systems is that early Marxists believed people should be robbed, enslaved and murdered based on their class and/or vocational identity; Nazism believes people should be robbed, enslaved and murdered based on their racial or ethnic identity. Otherwise there is virtually no difference, either in structural form or function.
Russian Bolshevism, Chinese Maoism and German Nazism are all forms of secular feudalism. All have their roots in Marxism, and all are most properly classified as movements of the Left.
by DrCruel July 12, 2006
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A socio-political economic theory developed from the various writings of Karl Marx and Friederich Engels. Often misrepresented by ignorent and spoilt middle-class kids who have no concept of what it is to live within the disprivaleged working-class that has no hope of escaping their position.
Its *nothing* like the Proletarian Bonapartism (Stalinism) that has existed. Communism has *never* existed - stop comparing apples to oranges and read the bloody Manifesto you thick, rich, bastards.
Pick up a fucking book you thick cunts. Its called "Das Kapital".
by Ernesto Guevara de la Serna April 14, 2005
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Either this manifesto's dead or my watch has stopped.
What a nice idea at first sight and all that. Marxism Schmarxism.
by Fearman March 3, 2008
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militant socialism / imperialism
see imperialism
marxism is imperialism
see militant socialism/Nazism
by commies suck March 4, 2006
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Marxism is the name given to the set of political, social, philosophical and economic analyses formulated by Karl Marx and his close friend Friedrich Engles during the 19th Century - ideas which remain influential across the world today.

The basic tenets of Marxist thought hold that history is best understood in terms of class struggle and that the material forces of production in a society forms the dominating influence on the cultural/ideological superstructure of any given society - the mode of production determines the mode of life; for example a nomadic peoples culture will be centred around journeying to find fresh food and pasture, wheras a settled agricultural peoples society will be formed on the basis of their own mode of production. The dominant class in a society, which appropriates the surplus economic product of that society creates and supports the dominant ideology of their society, reinforcing their posisition at its top.

The surplus product of a society is the unpaid labour of the working classes - all those who do not own the means of production and whom must sell their labour in return for wages in order to survive. Capitalists buy this labour under its value which create profit. Eventually this leads to a crisis of 'overproduction' ofteb referred to as a 'recession' or 'slump', at which point the workers are abandoned as they are not employed for either a social need or for personal satisfaction - but for the generation of greater profits.

A Marxist state has never existed and is an oxymoron, as is Communist State, etc etc.

Marxism is a democratic ideology, beleiving that only the movement of the vast majority in individual nations and accross the world can overturn capitalism and create a world organised to provide for need, where a person is not tied like a serf forever to one job no matter how demeaning or pointless and where people give and take "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need".
Marxism shows us that a handful of super rich individuals and companies determine the fate of national democracies and of the world - a world which is being eaten to death by the capitalist system of economic organisation.
by Michael86 April 22, 2007
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Created by Karl Marx.
Marxism is not Communism, its what communism based its ideas on. Communism was starlins dream for russia, Karl Marx, lived in the early 1800's and did write the communist manifesto, for the communist party,that was 1848, based on his marxist ideas along time before starlin .
"How do you tell a Communist? it's someone who reads Marx and Lenin.And how do tell if somes a marxist ? It's someone who understands Marx and Lenin."

Marxism not communism
by mastin February 25, 2006
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