Joseph Stalin was the soviet unions' communist leader during the 30's. He tried and failed to industrialize the soviet union by imposing communal farming and other communist bullshit. A famine ensued and a bunch of people deaded. He also inspired China's leader, Mao, to impose the "Great leap forward" ideology on his people killing millions. Great guys these commies, yeah...
Joseph Stalin was an arrogant stubborn dick.
by John()Smith February 6, 2019
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He killed half of the population so that his country could flourish. He was the original Thanos. He was better though since he didn't need an infinity gauntlet just thousands of labor camps.
Dude, Joseph Stalin is Dank
by xxSumeonexx January 18, 2019
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Person 1: dude did you see his mustache
Person2:yea that Joseph Stalin
by Mrcheesedabdab March 24, 2021
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Quiet possibly the greatest president to ever hold office. Helped the US out of the great depression with the New Deal, the Second New Deal, and also won World War two working with Adolf Hitler.
bro, you see that History channel special on how great Joseph Stalin was. I would go gay for that man.
by Drew Frank February 22, 2008
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Joseph Stalin is amazing, like truly amazing. Look Joseph Stalin up in my dictionary and just one word is written: perfect. You may think that I am just massively soppy or love drunk, but I speak the honest truth. Joseph Stalin has the incredible, super-human ability to make me smile even more than I usually do, just by doing the simplest thing. This guy is the epitome of awesome, I’m not joking; he makes me just the happiest. He has the most wicked personality and sense of humour that can make me giggle for, I’d say, a good half hour. However, it’s not just Joseph Stalin’ personality that’s amazing, so are his looks, even though he denies this fact! Joseph Stalin can make me feel like the most special and important girl in the world (even though I’m blatantly not) and I trust that he loves me, for the all right reasons. He is talented, but not a show off – well, maybe, occasionally – though, he’s impressive. Joseph Stalin is really good at drawing and makes me feel on top of the actual world when he hugs me and holds me in his arms, even after a terrible day. I often worry that I’m not good enough because this boy deserves someone incredible, but back off ladies, he’s mine! I would be an idiot to lose such a funny, kind and amazing guy – I am many things, but certainly not an idiot. To have him in my little life makes me unbelievably happy; Joseph Stalin makes me grin like a fool.
Mao: Yo that Joseph Stalin dude is a chad! Always wished I was him
Kim-Jong Un: Did you hear that Stalin got a 4.0 GPA? 1700 on the SAT too!
Hitler: Stalin just stole my long time gf, but who cares, he's a better person than I am!
by Gay Russian May 9, 2019
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One of the greatest leaders of all time. Turned a poor, semi-feudal country into an industrial superpower. His brand of communism remains to this day on of the greatest threats to capitalism ever, and many lies have been spread about him as a result.
Bro, Joseph Stalin was surprisingly hot
by Rethorstill April 11, 2019
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The greatest man to ever live

RIP Soviet Union 1917-1991, May you never be Forgot
Man, Joseph Stalin was a great guy
by YesBigDaddyDolan February 1, 2019
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