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Joseph Stalin was the soviet unions' communist leader during the 30's. He tried and failed to industrialize the soviet union by imposing communal farming and other communist bullshit. A famine ensued and a bunch of people deaded. He also inspired China's leader, Mao, to impose the "Great leap forward" ideology on his people killing millions. Great guys these commies, yeah...
Joseph Stalin was an arrogant stubborn dick.
by John()Smith February 05, 2019
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He killed half of the population so that his country could flourish. He was the original Thanos. He was better though since he didn't need an infinity gauntlet just thousands of labor camps.
Dude, Joseph Stalin is Dank
by xxSumeonexx January 18, 2019
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The greatest man to ever live

RIP Soviet Union 1917-1991, May you never be Forgot
Man, Joseph Stalin was a great guy
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by YesBigDaddyDolan February 01, 2019
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