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Literally meaning the one who masturbates; and has become dumb because of that, but commonly used instead of a friends name(1). It can also lead to a broken nose if used to address a person one is not familiar with and can be used to threaten as well.
1. Re malaka, pame gia kamia frappa.
2. Tha sou spasw th mouri re malaka.
by Lin++ March 29, 2005
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When you meet with someone without anyone knowing except you and the person.
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Greek term for someone who has jerked off so many times that his brain has become soft, and he is now an idiot.
what a malaka
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
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the greek word for wanka but usually used as a friendly greeting.
or used as a term of abuse
giasou re malaka
ti kavete malaka

aiyia mi sou malaka
by LatinaKaterina November 17, 2004
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1. It officially is sb who has a mental problem.
2. In slang it describes a person who jacks off too often,
3. but it is widely used in 9 out of 10 sentences that a greek
guy may say, as a substitute for one's name!
1. He's gotta be malakas, totally psycho...!!!
2. What a malakas! He does his job 5 times a day!
3. How u doin you malaka?!(Pou'sai re malaka!!! instead of how u doin John?!)
by stkaratz July 16, 2006
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A Greek very commonly used word .
1. Those who jerk off for a long period of time.
2. A good friend in common Greek
3. An Jackass who hited your car.
3. Those who are after chicks that never care for them.
4. Those who r romantic and wait forever for fancy chicks.
5. All the assholes in the world (including me)
1)Re ton malaka ton tarifa paraligo na mou faei to autokinito
2)Mazi mou asxolise poso Malakas eisai
3)Re ton malaka pali trexei piso apo opoia tou xamogelasei
by ManWithNoName April 04, 2005
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Greek word for wanker.
Useful word to know when visiting Greece, as you'll need to use it.
"Ela re, Malaka"
"He's such a malaka!"
by Posh Birds Do It Best March 28, 2009
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